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By Neena Badhwar

Bollywood fever has taken Australia with a storm. Where ever one goes entertainment without Bollywood is just not on. Bollywood has made Sydney colourful, joyful, playful and cultural programs use Bollywood liberally on their platforms.

Parramasala Parade was extremely popular last year in October with Bollywood dancers dancing on the streets in Parramaata. Bollywood dances with dancers in beautiful costumes adorn the stage as well as create a great interest in the wider community. Many Bollywood schools have been formed teaching the art of Bollywood dance. Bollywood dance steps are easy as A B C as dance teachers and trainers egg the audience by instructing them to put their hands up and wave and do the motion of ”˜turning a light   bulb’ first up and then down ”“ left and then right. The audience is not only captivated by it all but also gets into the Bollywood dance movements and starts dancing and being part of the whole entertainment. Politicians, leaders, Businesses, TV channels, people  have all experienced this extravagant thrill of attending   Bollywood parties that are held around town.

Now there is good news for all those eager Bollywood dancers and dance schools. Short+Sweet Festival has organised Short+Sweet Bollywood competition in the month of March for two weeks. It is an exceptional opportunity not only just to compete and show off but open up Bollywood to wider Australian audience and give them the glimpse of this art form which is fast becoming popular.



Come and dance, Aishveryaa Nidhi invites all to Short+Sweet Bollywood and help create an exciting platform for all of Sydney to witness

Says Aishveryaa Nidhi, Festival Director Short+Sweet Bollywood, “It is such a great opportunity for us all to show how versatile can Bollywood be. It is not simply dancing to famous Bollywood numbers but dancers can present items as innovative as they can try to be. From popular Bollywood to Folk dance to even classical will do. It all depends how one can come up with ideas of presenting Bollywood as Short+Sweet encourages unique innovative ideas and themes. It is a chance for all the Bollywood dancers to show their skills and invent themin a manner that can only come out of a competition. Short+Sweet Bollywood will challenge the dancers to think experimental, create new items and show them in a creative manner. Who knows now when the films on Indian themes are being made locally one may get a chance to be in films, in plays even. I can say for surety and a vision that this event will raise the bar for our community and show it to the wider audience who need to be educated more than what popular Bollywood is.”

Short+Sweet Bollywood will be held from March 9-22, 2015 and will showcase short bites of bright, energetic Bollywood items where the competitors will get this chance of a lifetime. They can through S+S Bollywood raise the bar and get to compete, evolve and innovate their creative abilities in their dance form. There is also a Fast+Fresh Bollywood segment for kids’ performances. The categories to win in the competition are: Best Male dancer; Best Female dancer; Best Choreographer; Best Production; Most innovative Style and Best New Talent

Says Aishveryaa, “We would like every one to come forward and take part and create a Bollywood festive excitement that Sydney has never ever seen before. We need to broaden Bollywood to wider Indian dance styles including the energetic Bhangra dance even. We want all Bollywood dance schools, their dancers youth and kids, even classical dance schools and general folk, Kathak anyone who has contributed in a creative manner to the Indian film industry to come forward and present a class competition and bring out their best. Even individuals at home ”“ little kids who love to dance by watching Indian films. Here is their chance to express and compete and show to the mainstream Aussies that India is not just Bollywood but much bigger and quite creative as well.”

The deadline for entry is February 5, 2015.  Please visit the website to register:

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