Kejriwal and his AAP party win with a landslide majority in Delhi

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AAP Party has decimated all the other contenders with Congress kicked out of the scene altogether with BJP loosing 29 of its seats from last elections. One BJP spokesperson said that they could not wipe out the impression left by Kejriwal’s 49-day rule. Delhites have overwhelmingly supported Kejriwal and put all their eggs in AAP’s basket. AAP has won an outright majority with 67 seats out of 70 with BJP barely managing to win  3  seats. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi conceded defeat in Delhi state elections when the results showed Arvind Kejriwal’s party was heading for a landslide win.

Mr Modi congratulated Mr Kejriwal and promised him complete support.

Kejriwal said that he was completely floored by the phenomenal success of AAP that he was actually scared whether he can deliver. Yet he said that he will not resort to arrogance and rule like a common man and make sure that his anti-bribe agenda is very much on.

The BJP’s campaign was essentially anti-AAP and denigrating Kejriwal which rather lifted him and his image up as his over enthusiastic volunteers and candidates did the ground work whereas Congress lashed out at him every at opportunity they got in the media. Mr Kejriwal, meanwhile, conducted an energetic campaign which proved popular with working class and underprivileged voters who make up 60% of Delhi’s population. This time round there was an overwhelming support for AAP from the youth segment of Delhi. Even the marginal Congress vote from Muslim community seem to be flowing to AAP.

PM Narendra Modi’s BJP party had fielded former policewoman Kiran Bedi as its chief ministerial candidate who congratulated Kejriwal on AAP’s win and Kejriwal had all the good words to say about the lady. Kiran asked Kejriwal to make Delhi a better place to live which she herself had always promised in her campaign.

The Congress party, which ran the Indian capital for 15 years until 2013, has suffered a complete rout and is not even leading in one seat.

Sydney community was also divided with BJP supporters and AAP supporters at loggerheads with each other although what happens in Delhi makes a little difference to Sydneysiders. Yet as NRIs there has been a huge interest in India and Delhi and who rules it as most of the NRIs want India to acquire better infrastructure and also get rid of corruptive practices and corrupt leaders. They want India to progress and also be able to show off with all the money that it has and not in the pockets  of some rich people who have accounts in overseas banks with HSBC account leaks which came out on the eve of Delhi elections. “If India has so much money then why the progress does not show like it shows in China when India’s GDP growth has bypassed China.” said one Sydney resident.

Another gentleman said, “Some of the BJP leaders along the way had made stupid remarks saying that girls in India by wearing jeans and western clothes were inviting themselves to be raped.”

Well the Delhi results show that AAP has taken its sweet revenge through the Delhities who have spoken with their voting.  AAP has swept everyone clean with Congress not even allowed near the corridors of Delhi power. A lot of analysis and introspection is due on part of the parties who have lost to sit back and think what actually went wrong.

In the meantime Kejriwal is going to be the CM of Delhi for the next five years as he has promised in his ads unlike for 49 days he was last time and had resigned  exasperated by the criticism he got at each and every step. We hope that appointing India’s Ombudsman finally may become a reality if India’s PM and Delhi’s CM join hands.

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