Yoga and Hindi classes commence at Indian Cultural Centre, Sydney

Yoga classes will commence at Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) from 27 February

  1. The classes will be conducted by renowned yoga expert Mr. Govindaraju

Venkatachalam and would be held at the premises of the Consulate at 109 (Level 3), Pitt Street, Sydney 2000.


A Beginners’ Course (Monday & Wednesday) and Regular Course (Tuesday

& Thursday) will be conducted from 1230 ”“ 1330 hrs. The courses are designed to be suitable for all ages and genders. They will help increase energy level through correct breathing and improved flexibility, build mental stamina and strength, remove tension and stress and promote a general sense of wellbeing.


Conversational Hindi classes will also commence from 27 February. These

classes will benefit casual travellers to India and familiarise them with vocabulary useful for them as tourists.


An Open House on both Yoga and Hindi, free for all, would be held at 1230 ”“

1330 hrs on Friday, 27 February 2015. Further details are available at the website of the consulate Registration for the yoga classes have commenced.

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