Don’t be a stranger on neighbour day

neighbour day


Getting to know the people next door or across the street is one of the best  ways of avoiding neighbourhood conflict, according to the free NSW  mediation service Community Justice Centres.

Community Justice Centres’ director Natascha Rohr said Neighbour Day, on  Sunday, March 29, 2015, is an opportunity to break the ice.

“Neighbours who know each other can often resolve issues as they arise  through good communication,” Ms Rohr said.

“When neighbours remain virtual strangers they’re less likely to give each  other the benefit of the doubt or talk about issues early, which means small  problems become big ones,” Ms Rohr says.

Community Justice Centres is partnering with Neighbour Day 2015 to support  Australia’s annual celebration of community. Events will range from street  parties and backyard barbeques to neighbours meeting for a cuppa.

“The goals of Neighbour Day are similar to ours, we both want to promote  harmonious relationships between neighbours and across the community,” Ms  Rohr said.

“Even if you aren’t on good terms with your neighbour, this is a chance to  repair relationships.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as saying hello and opening the door to future  communication. Taking the first step can be hard, but saying ”˜Happy  Neighbour Day’ is a good start.”

Neighbours in dispute can also contact Community Justice Centres on  1800  990 777  to arrange a free mediation in their area. Impartial and trained  mediators run sessions all over NSW, with around 80 per cent of cases  resulting in an agreement.

“People are often surprised by how much mediation can help resolve issues  and improve relationships,” Ms Rohr said.

Community Justice Centres is part of the NSW Department of Justice and has  been helping resolve conflict between neighbours, community members,  families and work colleagues for over 30 years.

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