Holi Mela number 1 promotes the spirit of India in us

Holi Mela 1 - 1


By Manju Mittal

Hindi Gaurav of Australia held a successful Holi Celebrations at the Jeffery Reserve North Parramatta on Saturday  March 7, the actual day of the colourful festival Indians enjoy all over the world including India.

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Anuj Kulshrshtha wishing Mike Baird the best of Holi

A large number of people came together dressed in white, only to be drenched in all the colours of a rainbow by the end of the day, to celebrate one of the most colourful festival – the Holi festival of India. Smeared in coloured powders the only white things that could be seen was their broad smiles and  their teeth.

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Holi is perhaps the one festival that elicits the most mixed emotions. People just love it and miss it like anything being away from India. I was pleasantly surprised to experience what I term a perfect Indo-Aussie style of Holi. Holi bring smile on everyone’s face and  they get excited by the colours of harmony, friendship and its festive spirit.

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Among the guests were present the Hon. NSW Premier Mike Baird, MP for Parramatta Dr. Geoff Lee, MP for Greenway Ms. Michelle Rowland, Ms. Julie Owens MP, MLC Daniel Mookhey, MLC David Clark, Councillor from Parramatta Mr. James Shaw   and many other MP’s attended the event. MC of the event Rohit Revo, editor of Online Indian Herald welcomed Premier Mike Baird on the stage.

Mr Baird said “I am delighted to offer my greetings to everyone attending the Holi Mela festival of colours, one of the largest Hindu Festival on the calendar”.

He added, “We are proud of our diversity and always encourage contributions from cultures from around the world who enrich our society. Holi is a wonderful festival that allows members of Indian community to come together to celebrate something so unique and different, it is a time to share the values of culture and start new beginnings”. Baird’s comments brought enthusiastic applause from all the Holi revelers.

Premier proudly carried red gulal (colour) on his face throughout his stay at the event. Hon. Ms Michelle Rowland was there too as she congratulated the organiser and praised Indian community and its contributions and how the festivals such as Holi “bring in true multicultural joyous occasions for the rest of us to celebrate along with you”.

Parramatta MP Dr. Geoff Lee said “It is nice to be here and share Holi celebrations with members of the Indian community”.

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The open air atmosphere and bright sunny day was perfect for Sydneysiders to enjoy Holi, they mingled and painted each other with colours. The day was filled not just with colours but  spectacular cultural programs and delicious Indian food from various regions and an  atmosphere that was just magical.

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Kumud Merani, Senator Daniel Mookhey and Mala Mehta

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 Manju Mittal with Priya Malik


I was fortunate enough to spend some time with very talented Priya Malik, Big Brother 2014 Contestant and Comedy artist she said how happy she was to be able to be part of this event.

Highlight of the event was prestigious awards for the Community members, these awards were recognised for their innovation and dedication demonstrated by them in their respective fields of  expertise, the award winners were:  Mr. Chandru Tolani for being the Real Hero of Indian Community, Ms. Kumud Merani the Hindi Ratn, Ms. Aishverya Nidhi the Icon of Indian Art and Culture, Mr. Devendra Gupta the Film Entrepreneur Icon, Mr. Yogesh Sharma the Best Indian Event Organiser of Australia, Mr. Hemant Babbar the Young Indian Entrepreneur, Zenia Starr the Actress and Santosh Verma, Priya Malik the Finalist of Big Brother. The Premier Mike Baird congratulated all the proud winners.

The event was supported by Dream Palace Decoration. Passionate Rohit Revo as MC, was superb as he engaged the audience quite capably. Finally we headed back home humming to the highly addictive tunes of Rang Barse promising to return next year with loads of colours and friends.




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