“I want my wife to get justice,” says Prabha’s husband Arun Kumar

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Arun Kumar (far right) at the press conference in Parramatta

Story compiled by Neena Badhwar and reported by Manju Mittal

Safety and security is a matter of great concern. And when a life is lost in the most tragic manner like that of Prabha Arun Kumar, a young, beautiful, talented IT professional doing it alone in Australia who had left back home a husband and a daughter, it is really sad.

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Prabha was stabbed by some unknown stranger who followed her in the dark lonely park in Westmead as she hurriedly walked at 9.30 pm after having completed a double shift. She was talking to her husband far away in Bangalore on her mobile phone. He was her security though sitting far away   as if she could avoid the impending doom by having him near her even if he was on the phone. But when she screamed in pain having been stabbed how hard it would have been for her husband to hear her and not be able to help her in her last moments while she begged for help.

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It is quite painful to hear of Prabha’ sad demise  in such a cruel manner. To hear from Sai Temple devotees how just few days earlier Prabha had gone to the temple with a picture of her daughter and husband asking the priest to pray for their wellbeing as if she knew what was coming in the days ahead. She was desperate to go back having lived here alone for four years but the family had decided that they will have one last holiday together in Australia before she packs her bags to go back for ever.

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The community has come outpouring with empathy, thoughts on Prabha, her husband and her 9 year old daughter and have been visiting the park to pay their tribute to a young life lost in such a vicious manner.

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The community organised a candlelight vigil on Wednesday March 11 evening as more than 500 people congregated at the park to pay homage to Prabha.

People  braved the stormy weather and pouring rain to reach the place and stood silent under their umbrellas as the priest conducted shanti path at 8pm.

Organiser Arunesh Seth addressed the crowd and said,  “We want to live in a non violent society. We want to live in dignity” Mr. Seth said.

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Mr. Seth said the community wants the Parramatta Pathway to be better lit and  have more CCTV cameras installed to help the community feel safe.


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Premier Mike Baird who has promised thorough investigation into the matter, said, “I was touched to hear the community had organised a gathering at the park where Mrs Prabha Arun Kumar tragically lost her life,”

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“Last night’s candlelight vigil demonstrates how shocked we are that such a vicious attack could have taken place in suburban Sydney, where we live in peace and harmony.”

“The community united in mourning last night and Prabha’s family can take comfort in the knowledge they are in our thoughts and prayers at this devastating time.”

“A dedicated team of police officers and detectives is investigating Prabha’s death and I am confident the perpetrator of this crime will be brought to justice.”

A press conference was organised today at 9am on March 12 in Parramatta where Prabha’s husband Arun Kumar and her brother were present.

Said the husband, “I am the husband that has lost his wife, and the father of a young girl who has lost a beloved mother. I cannot describe the pain we are going through. My wife was a very caring and a beautiful soul. Prabha was planning to buy a little penguin toy and send it to her daughter in India. But she will never be able to do that.  I know we cannot bring her back but I would like my gorgeous wife to get justice. If you have any information that can help police please”¦ please contact them.”

Prabha’s brother Shankar Shetty who accompanied his brother-in-law, said, “I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I have lost my much-loved sister.  The pain I have felt since my sister’s death has been unimaginable. No one deserves to have any of their family taken away from them in these horrible circumstances.”

“My sister was a loving wife, mother, daughter and sibling. She was loved by many. We don’t want any other family to go through the pain that we are going through. Tragically Prabha will never see her daughter grow up. I appeal to anyone who may have any information to contact police. Please help detectives to catch whoever has stolen my sister. Finally I say this to the person who did this you have taken my sister’s life please step forward, get help and get your life back.”

NSW Police said they were no closer to identifying a motive for the attack on Ms Kumar, but added that there was no evidence of sexual assault or robbery.

Detective Superintendent Mick Willing said detectives interviewed a number of witnesses and gathered a large amount of CCTV footage.

He said police did not know if the attack was targeted or random.

“What I can say is we have no information at all that would indicate it is racially motivated,” he said.

“We are considering all options at this point, we are not ruling anything in or out.”

Mr. Willing said there was nothing to suggest Ms Kumar was in any trouble.

“It is a mystery. But what I can say is we are determined to get to the bottom of this crime,” he said.

“We have detectives working around the clock on it. I’m confident that we will have a breakthrough as soon as we can get information we need.”

We at TIDU pay our sincere condolences to Prabha’s husband and her daughter and sincerely wish that police catches the culprit soon. It is important that person of this demeanour is caught before he does another damage. Prabha’s life is already lost but it should not go waste.


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