Raja Pai’s new novel differentiates meaningful actions from meaningless ones

”˜No Room for Dabha’ follows young man’s explorative journey from college student to traveler

PERTH, Australia ”“ Author Raja Pai believes that people have a purpose in life or a reason for living and that they need to remember that in their daily activities. They could be sitting on a garden bench and appreciating nature in all its glory, or drawing water from a well to drink and all this would be right because they have a purpose and a meaning. However, he says there are many things we do that are unnecessary, which we shouldn’t be doing at all and there are so many important things we should be doing, but we don’t. These truths he believes are self-evident and he attributes this knowledge to a school everyone attends: life ”“ living and watching the people around them!

Pai’s new novel “No Room for Dabha” (published by Partridge Singapore), aims to make others aware of the meaningful and meaningless things people do as it follows a young man struggling to find his place as well as a meaning and a purpose in what he does.

Vithal Hegde and his two college friends are enjoying the easy life in college. This quickly comes to an end when Vithal’s father passes away. Vithal then bravely takes up his father’s job as a dabhawala ”“ an employee for a lunch delivery service in India ”“ and through hard work and youthful energy, fulfills the job’s duties and meets the basic needs of his family. However, he soon realizes he must deal with the corruption and apathy plaguing his friend Irfan’s father’s shop and other shops in the area.

“No Room for Dabha” follows Vithal on his transformative journey, from a college student, to a dabbawala, to a community leader and finally a traveler, navigating the world as he and his friends seek answers look for a meaning and purpose in their lives. Having faced near death experiences and then finally hitting the jackpot, he   realizes that persistence and determination overcomes the obstacles that life throws in our way as he prepares to settle down to work and live a life he once only dreamed about.

“In our world today, where so many things that are not necessary are done with so much cost in time and money, and so many important things are just not done,” Pai says, “I wish to say with humility, that my book provides some answers and hopefully some solutions.”


“No Room for Dabha”

By Raja Pai

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 388 pages | ISBN 9781482828962

E-Book | 388 pages | ISBN 9781482828979

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