Shanti Path for Prabha at Sai Temple

Prabha Arun Kumar







“Prabha was a devotee in the temple when she started coming,” says Jack Tolani, one of the founders of the Sai Temple in south Strathfield.

“Once temple was short of Volunteers and she immediately saw the need and started helping us on Thursday’s. The temple has over 1500 Devotees visiting between 6 & 9.00 pm and Prabha  became a regular Volunteer,”

“She has helped us with:  Preparation of Aarti plates;  Donations;  Taking Prasad from devotees;  Offering Prasad to Baba;  Taking Prasad for distribution;  Cleaning of temple and  Looking after collection of Donations,” says a shocked Tolani at Prabha’s violent death.

“When she would get a chance, she would sit down in the corner and read spiritual books from our library. She had a strong belief in Baba and religion,”

“A few weeks back, on her daughters birthday, she came to temple with picture of her daughter and husband. She requested Samir Bhaiya to offer the picture on Baba’s feet and bless her daughter. She also said that she was missing her family and would like to go back and reunite with family,”

Temple is  holding shanti path for Prabha Arun Kumar  on Thursday in temple and Sunday Bhajans are dedicated to her. Her picture will be in the temple if someone wishes to pay respect.

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