Short+Sweet Bollywood hits the right notes with its inaugural festival

S+S - Shaimak-kids


Shiamak  Show Kids

Bollywood has created a craze in Sydney in the last few years with many a young dancers being trained in Bollywood style of dancing. Many dancing schools have sprouted around Sydney as their dance groups perform colourful energetic dances at various Sydney functions. It was but an obvious step for Short+Sweet Festival organisers to join in the Bollywood hoopla and create a competition of sorts among the dancers and dance schools to measure their creativity and innovation in the Bollywood dance form.

S+S - Shabnam Tavakol - Best Female Dancer









 ShabnamTavakol- Best-Female-Dancer


Says Festival Co-Ordinator  of Short+Sweet Bollywood, Aishveryaa Nidhi, “I did not just want Bollywood but also all the other forms of dancing that India has to offer. Folk, bhangra, classical because Bollywood movies have also used those forms in their medium which has become an international craze.”

S+S Bollywood Final_0014 Monsuun low res









Most Innovative Style – Monsuun Dance

“For a first time competition it was quite an uphill task to get people to join this concept but the response was great though I would have liked more people to come forward. I must say it was still quite a good representation and the competition came out strong as participants worked hard for weeks to present a class performance as they were being pitted against each other. I was sure that it will not only bring the best in all of them but it will also take them further in their skills which Short+Sweet tries to inculcate through its platform.”

“I am really happy with the result as the inaugural Short+Sweet Bollywood Festival concluded in colourful style in front of a house full Factory Fusebox Theatre in  Marrickville  on Sunday, March 22, 2015,” says Aishveryaa proudly.


S + S - Anupam Sharma, Shabnam Tavakol, Sumati Lekhi (1)








Anupam Sharma    with  ShabnamTavakol and Sumati-Lekhi

Swastik Institute of Dance (Parramatta) scooped the pool of major prizes including Best Overall Production and the People’s Choice (audience vote) awards.

S+S - Monsuun Dance  - Winners of Most Innovative Style









Monsuun Dancers -Winners of Most-Innovative-Style

Most Innovative Style was won by Monsuun Dance (North Sydney) while best female dancer was Shabnam Tavakol (Lidcombe) and best male dancers (shared) Akash Arora (Homebush West) and Ajesh Sharma (Ingleburn).
Best New Talent winners were John Bosco (a wonderful contemporary hip-hop Bolly blend) and Smritie Bhardwaj (Merrylands).

Best choreographer award went to Sumati Lekhi of Swastik Institute of Dance (Harris Park).
S+S - Akash Arora








Akash Arora

In the youth division (“Fast+Fresh”) Shiamak Show Kids won both the Judges’ and the People’s Choice Awards with Raina Jain coming 2nd and Shivani Kumar and Tanvi Kumar 3rd.

Aishveryaa Nidhi praised the standard of performers and congratulated all participants, not only the winners. “This has been an outstanding success and will return even bigger and better next year,” she said.

S+ S - Our Judges- CG India, Mr. Sunjay Sudhir, Anupam Sharma, Raj Suri









Judges Indian consul General Sunjay  Sudhir, Anupam Sharma and Raj Suri

Among the judges and presenters were Indian Consul General Sunjay Sudhir, Raj Suri, Piroozi Desai and Anupam Sharma.

Winners of Short+Sweet Bollywood 2015 are:

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Mark Cleary with Best new Talent John Bosco and Smritie Bhardwaj

Winners of Fast+Fresh

People’s Choice   – Shiamak Show Kids

Judge’s Choice

First place – Shiamak Show Kids

Second Place – Prabhati Banerjee

Third Place – Swastik Institute of Dance


Short+Sweet winners

People’s Choice –   Swastik Institute of Dance

Best Production –   Swastik Institute of Dance

Most Innovative Style – Monsuun Dance

Best New Talent – John Bosco and ”‹Smritie Bhardwaj

Best Choreographer – Sumati Lekhi

Best Male Dancer – Akash Arora and Ajesh Sharma

Best Female Dancer –   Shabnam Tavakol

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