Swami Baba Ramdev to visit Australia in April

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By Manju Mittal

Swami Ramdev Baba needs no introduction.   As we all know the yog guru has popularized yoga in India and abroad through his T.V shows and Yoga camps, Baba Ramdev’s yoga has become quite popular with his numerous followers all over India and the world. People’s lives have totally been transformed with this ancient art form of India. Credit goes to Swamiji who has not only revived Yoga for Indians through yoga camps he has helped everyone adopt it in their daily life routine and he is spreading it throughout the world by visiting various countries. We, in Australia, are lucky that Baba Ramdev will be visiting us in the month of April.

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There was a video conference with Swamiji on the Monday night March 2, 2015 prior to his actual visit in April. At the video conference Swami Ramdev Baba joined live in the Parravilla function hall in Parramatta and talked about his upcoming visit to Australia. The event was well attended by community members, media and yoga followers. Baba Ramdev came on line at 8 30 pm and answered a number of questions from the audience. Baba Ramdev expressed his happiness and excitement over his upcoming yoga camp in Australia and that he is looking forward to his first Australian trip.

During video conference one of the yoga follower asked Baba Ramdev “How do we prepare ourselves to attend 4 days yoga camp”?   His answer was, “Start practising taking care of yourself, self care techniques could be as simple as taking the time to practice gentle yoga, start drinking 4 glass of warm water after getting up in the morning, add green leafy vegetables, salad, fruits in your diet, chew food properly and never forget to praise your spouse for good food, create a happy and healthy environment”.

Yog guru also said that the thousands of his yoga followers who attend his yoga camps and the millions who watch his daily televised broadcasts have been cured of various diseases and have gone on to lead healthier and more purposeful lives. He added “For our country’s youth who have the responsibility of developing the nation, they should practice yoga daily I would encourage youth to participate in the yoga camp”.

It was such a wondeful live video conference across continents and the organiser Chirag Parikh had taken great care in organising this dialogue with Swami Ramdev. MC Nitin Madan kept the audience engaged and an interactive video session thus was achieved and thankfully ran on schedule.

Swami Ramdev Baba live yoga sessions will be held in April over Easter long Weekend from 3rd to 6th at Liverpool Whitlam Leisure Centre. Entry passes for Sydney are available from:    www.yogaguru.org.au or Toll Free Number: 1800 91 00 71. The entry passes cost for 4 days $120 for Silver, $200 for gold and $300 for Platinum. During his visit to Australia Baba Ramdev will visit Sydney first and then Brisbane on April 7-8 and finally to Melbourne April 10-12.

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