Execution of Sukumaran and Chan was cruel and unnecessary




By Rekha Bhatta

Australia has withdrawn Ambassador from Indonesia – as Australia strongly felt that it was a cruel and unnecessary execution of Bali 9 Ring Leaders!

“Australia had hoped Indonesia would show mercy to the young men who have for a decade worked hard to rehabilitate them selves and improve lives of other prisoners.

They have committed a serious crime ”“ lengthy prison term would have been appropriate punishment,” said PM Abbott.

The UN Secretary General had called the President of Indonesia to “urgently consider declaring a moratorium on capital punishment in Indonesia with a view of abolition.”

Although Australia said the Ambassador is recalled for consultation. It is the first time Australia has called back an Ambassador. Diplomacy is mainly one’s  own country’s interest ”“ thus not having to have a  representative to consult is that beneficial? Australia can show displeasure of the execution by not having ministerial visits to Indonesia.  Australia’s relations with Indonesia are in many ways important.

Australia and other countries have objected to the death penalty to save the lives of the two Australian citizens and should continue to demand the abolition of Capital Punishment.

Indonesian President Jokowi is playing domestic politics totally, thus all international objections are falling on deaf ears!  The International objections of the Execution have aroused a back lashing of nationalistic sentiments. Jokowi has declared the execution as a “Shock Therapy” ”“ a Deterrent. Govt Spokesperson confidently said Australia’s call back of Ambassador is only temporary!

Indonesia does not have a Rehabilitation program for prisoners. So, President’s refusal to grant clemency to the two Australian prisoners is accepted in Indonesia… Despite the international demand, domestically nearly 86% have agreed on the Death Penalty.

Ten years in prison ”“ Reformed, Rehabilitated, Andrew Chan and Sukumaran are the victims of the futile War against Drugs.

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