IPL has that certain charm for Indian fans









By Gaurav Joshi

Before the commencement of the IPL the talk around India was: will the World Cup hangover affect the attendance at the IPL?   Few days in the rating might be slightly low on television but the enthusiasm among the Indian public is still overwhelming. I know. I am there among the IPL devotees!

Nothing emphasises the enthusiasm more that the long queues and the traffic jam on the Mumbai scenic Marine Drive nearly two hours before the start of the Mumbai Indians’ opening match against Punjab.

India might have not regained the World Cup but the IPL still remains India’s most nourishing cricket tournament. The interest, the knowledge, the passion of the fans in each team’s home city is mind boggling.

All the host cities also had huge demand for tickets for the matches. Book myticket.com website had predicted that not even a single ticket will be unsold for all the IPL matches. On the evidence of the turnouts for the first few weeks, it is clear that the IPL is well and truly part of the Indian culture.

And this is the just the start. The tournament will continue to attract more spectators when it reaches its prime in couple of weeks. It will be school holidays right across India, the World Cup hangover would have faded, the fantasy leagues would have kicked into action and more importantly the IPL would now be the festive season once again.

The IPL despite all the criticism still belongs to the Indian public and given the evidence of the first few days, like it or not, the IPL has a charm about it ”“ at least to the people of India.


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