Needed urgently young actors for main roles in Nanak Singh’s play


Naatshaala-Theatre of Peace  is organizing to stage a play,  Koyee Harya Boot Rahiyo Ree?”

The Play is based on the novel of  “Nanak Singh”, a well known Punjabi writer. He wrote many novels including ”˜Pavitar Paapi’ which was made into a Hindi film. (

Script outline of Koyee Harya Boot Rahiyo Ree? :

The story line revolves and been built around the moral, ethics, truth and above all the values in this society for the honesty and integrity.

During the first assignment as an engineer, Yatish meets Roopa who is preyed upon by a debauched Prince, the employer of the town.

Despite the obvious awareness that Roopa loves him, Yatish hesitates in rescuing her, letting her become prey of the morally corrupt prince.

The incident shakes the moral foundation of Yatish who has betrayed his conscience and to redress the mounting guilt he marries Roopa.

Later Yatish takes up a number of jobs, but due to his convictions he is unable to settle down in a corrupt and unjust work environment.

Yatish gets shunned by his father for marrying Roopa who is daughter of a courtesan.

In a world plagued with corruption, discrimination and lies, can Yatish hold on to his belief of absolutism?

Naatshaala is looking for young actors who can fit into the lead roles of Yatish (appx  25 yrs old)  and Roopa (age appx 22) for the above  script to be preformed at  River Side Theater by July/August, 2015. They must commit to rehearsals in the coming weeks.

If there are any theater lovers and actors, passionate to perform in this intensive and intellectual Punjabi play then do contact Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia on his mobile 0413 420234  or Sandeep Sharma on 0434 566 622 for an audition.

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