R.I.P. Dr Sunder Das

Well-known psychologist Dr S. Sunder Das passed away on April 1 following a prolonged illness. A regular columnist with The Indian Down Under for several years, Dr Sunder Das was one intellectual whose wisdom Sydneysiders will miss. He is survived by his wife Santha.

Originally from Kerala, Dr Sunder Das received his early education in science in India. Later, he moved to England where he earned his BSc Honours and PhD degrees. He, then, migrated to Australia and started to teach Clinical Psychology at the University Of NSW where his classes used to overflow not only with students but also with others who were impressed with his deep understanding of human psychology. Dr Sunder Das passed on part of his knowledge, summarised in three books, the last one, A Coat Of Many Colours, comprising of essays covering a wide range of human experiences.

The essays in the book are for students of psychology as well as simply written addressing everyday living. There are even lighter touches punctuating the seriousness of topics. In one of his columns for The Indian Down Under, Dr Sunder Das wrote on ”˜The Art of Hitchhiking’. One of the tips in the article was to aim for a lift from an elderly couple who, he wrote, would otherwise be arguing all the way and would welcome a peacemaker!

Dr Sunder Das was a deep thinker and a keen follower of yoga and meditation. He often thought of life after death and the energies saints acquired with Dhyana. He was especially interested in the concept of holistic love, like that of God towards human beings, which we all are evolving towards.

The Indian Down Under was enriched with Dr Sunder Das’ regular contribution. We are saddened that his guiding wisdom is no longer with us.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Santha ji. May God give her the strength to continue with life with loving memories of her life-long companion.

Dr Sunder Das’ funeral will be held on April 8, 10 AM, at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Concord West.


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