The catastrophic tragedy in Nepal

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By Rekha Bhatta

Over 1935 Indians have been evacuated from  Nepal. The death toll inNepal  has crossed 3200 while sick and wounded lay in the open.

The Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said the Government of Australia has pledged a package of $3 Million assistance to  Nepal.

As per DEFAT and news covered here by various channels have stated grave fears for dozens of Australians still unaccounted for. DEFAT has been in contact with more than 200 have been confirmed safe but there are hundreds of others still unaccounted for. As per Channel 9 News a woman is trapped in the quake zone ”“ camped in the field with orphans. Many from  Victoria,  Western Australia  are still missing.   A young person working foe World Vision in  Bangladesh, later in SIKIM is missing. The quake was experience there too.

India has intensified its operation since Sunday ”“ headed by an Add Secretary rank officer along with officials from MEA, the Indian army, IAF and   National Disaster Management Team. 19 military aircrafts, three field hospitals and a 34 Member Medical team that includes Orthopaedic surgeons, Anaesthetists

Grave fear of Quake striking the North and  Northeast India  is there for the next few days. If it does not occur in those few days as per scientists one could consider safe.

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