Indian community collects $23,000 for Nepal Relief Fund

yadu handing cheque to nepal hc







Dr Yadu Singh  handing the cheque to Nepalese Consul General in Sydney

Nepal suffered a massive earthquake recently, killing more than 8500 people and causing massive destruction. In Sydney Indian community geared up to collect funds for earthquake victim in Nepal.

Sydney cardiologist Dr Yadu Singh and the  Indian Australian Association of NSW (IAA, NSW) ran a fundraising drive to collect funds for Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund and handed in a cheque of $23,000 to the Consul General of Nepal in Sydney.

Dr. Yadu was accompanied by IAA, NSW treasurer, Chidanand Puttarevanna, and Yateender Gupta, CPA, who audited the account of the fundraised money.

Says Dr. Yadu, “I was informed that our fundraised money is the biggest amount raised from any Indian Australian community group/network.”

He added, “We are proud and very pleased with what we have done for our brothers and sisters in Nepal. We are   grateful to  all those who have given any donation, specially grateful to business like Value World Travel, which contributed $4250.00.  The generosity and kindness of businesses in our community  such as Maya Da Dhaba $1000.00, Sharmas Kitchen $1000.00, Basava Samithi Australia network $1000.00, Myself and my staff $700, Billu’s Eatery $685.00, Gaurav Suri $600.00, Ravi Lochan Singh $500, Gurdeep Singh $500, Dr Bharathi Reddy and /Sri Ranga Reddy $500.00, Vijay and Kusum Kejriwal $500.00, Dr Lila and Baltej Singh $500.00  and Jagdish Lodhia $400.00. We thank Pravin Gupta for his persistence, encouragement, support and effort in this project. We did not waste even a single Cent in this fundraising and have handed over every cent which we have collected.We did not waste even a single Cent in this fundraising and have handed over every cent which we have collected.”

Well done Indian community and all those who worked hard to mobilise and encourage community to contribute for such a great cause. We are sure that many more Indian community members have risen to help in this worthy cause and will continue to do so.

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