Emergency orders issued to secure Harris Park blocks

Harris Park sinkholes 5


Parramatta City Council last night, on May 5, 2015 issued emergency orders to the owners of properties at 24, 26-28, and 30 Parkes Street, Harris Park, which have been impacted by subsidence concerns.

The owners have 24 hours to secure the sites to prevent public access, and stabilisation works to make them safe need to be completed within 14 days.

The owner of 26-28 Parkes Street must remove water from the vacant construction site once an engineer certifies a proper procedure to ensure no further destabilisation occurs.

The orders state the procedure to remove water from the site must be in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The owners of all three sites must provide Council with engineers’ reports outlining the works that will be required to stabilise the sites.

They have all expressed a willingness to co-operate and find a solution to the subsidence issues and safety concerns.

All three properties will also require an independent report to certify the adequacy of rectification works and declare the sites safe for residents to return.

Council has met with the solicitor acting for the owner of site 26-28 Parkes Street who has now engaged a building contractor to carry out necessary works.

Responsibility for the sites has been handed back to the owners of the affected properties.

Surveyors have been monitoring 24 and 30 Parkes Street with laser technology and so far no movement has been detected in either of the apartment blocks.

Council contracted engineers have also detected some damage to a section of Council’s footpath. Further sonar tests will be conducted to determine the extent of the damage.

The road restrictions, which have reduced traffic to one lane each way, will remain in place and may change to accommodate work to the properties.

Council remains in contact with affected residents and continues to work with government agencies and local community housing associations to find suitable accommodation for those who are unable to stay with family and friends.


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