Usha Uthup can make even the most hesitant get up and dance

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Organiser Suman Saha speaking to  the  media at Meet & Greet with Usha Uthap in Sydney

By Manju Mittal

Usha Uthup is a popular Indian Pop, Jaz and playback singer. She needs no introduction to her fans world wide. If there is a singing legend bridging the East and the West, It is Usha. With her music and charm, she has transcended the barriers of caste, creed, language and nationality. Usha Uthup’s charm and powerful vocal chords have enthralled her fans of all ages throughout the world. With her gifted smooth voice she is the only artist to have recorded six albums in English and there’s more – Usha sings in more than thirteen Indian and eight foreign languages. This is an achievement by itself.

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We could not help but take selfies pulled to the stage with Usha’s magnetic voice

Last weekend on Saturday,  April 25, 2015, Usha Uthup captivated the house full of audience at Sydney Whitlam Centre Liverpool. The hall was packed and it was indeed a successful sold out show despite the heavy hail and rain. The shower started, sorry the show started, late but was worth the wait.

Dressed in her brand Kanjeevaram saree with white gajra adorned in her hair sporting oversized bindi, Usha Uthap had the Whitlam Centre audience mesmerised by her powerful voice as they got up to dance in the aisles. Dum Maro Dam, Rambha Ho, Hari Om Hari, Kolaveri, audience cheered as she performed ”˜Senorita’ from the movie ”˜Zindgi Na Milegi Dobara’ in her unique thundering  voice. The place ebbed with energy thus created as Usha  is an amazing and a consummate performer. She promised to fulfil all the audience requests as they screamed their demands from all corners of Whitlam Centre hall. My own favourite song from the movie ”˜saat khoon maaf’ brought the audience to their feet. I think Usha must have read my mind. People crowded next to the stage trying to take selfies with Usha in the background, many going berserk asking for more and more. Usha also made Fiji Indians happy by singing ”˜Era bini tu’.

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A lovely human being Usha Uthap says that she believes in music and in love

My close encounter with the singer was when 3 years ago she performed for Bengali association. In an exclusive interview to The Indian Down Under, Usha had said that her greatest influence was Harry Belafonte. Her concerts make me fall in love and she had said in the interview that she believes in music and in love. It was a proud moment when she held the copy of TIDU and  autographed it. I must say that not only a great songstress, Usha is a great human being too.

Usha’s voice pulls you to her as everyone in the hall congregated around the stage. It can make even the most hesitant get up and dance.  Her music reverberates in your being and little did we realise when Neeru Saluja, TIDU’s Bollywood reporter, and me joined the maddening crowd unoblivious of the fact that it was pretty late in the night. Event organiser Suman Saha and his team must be thanked for bringing Usha and organising this concert. Usha is a phenomenon that must not be overlooked when she comes down to Sydney to entertain us all.








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