Education exports hit a record $17.6 billion



June 22, 2015. Export income from Australia’s international education services sector reached a record high of $17.6 billion in 2014, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data showed today.

Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, said today’s figures eclipsed the previous peak of $16.7 billion in calendar year 2009, before mishandling of visas drove income down sharply under the previous government.

“I’m delighted with these new figures because they show our booming international education sector is recovering and going from strength to strength under the Coalition,” Mr Pyne said.

“Education services exports for 2014 increased by 14 per cent on calendar year 2013 and by seven per cent from the last reported earnings in financial year 2013”‘14.”

Roughly $600 million of the $17.6 billion figure was generated from a range of international education servi The remaining $17 billion comes from the nearly 600,000 enrolments by full fee-paying international students in Australia last year. International students in the higher education sector generated $11.7 billion in export income, while students in the vocational education and training sector produced $2.7 billion.

“Education-related personal travel is Australia’s 4th largest export after iron ore ($66.0 billion), coal ($38.0 billion) and natural gas ($17.8 billion). It is the largest services export (28% of total services exports), ahead of other personal travel services ($14.2 billion); and professional and management consulting services ($4.8 billion).”

“These figures confirm international education as Australia’s largest services export and our fourth largest export overall after iron ore, coal and natural gas,” Mr Pyne said.

“They underline the importance of our  Draft National Strategy for International Education  ”“ the focus of the first Roundtable on International Education held at Parliament House in Canberra last week.

“They endorse the Government’s move to strengthen Australia’s visa framework to   encourage further high quality growth in international education.

– Indian international enrolments are on the rise as there was 11 per cent increase  in enrolments from India since last  year –  

“They will inform our review later this year that will reveal the full positive economic impact of international education on our cities and towns.

“Only this Government understands that international education is a major employer ”“ supporting around 130,000 Australian jobs across our cities and regions.

“We will ensure the international education sector continues to be a major contributor to the strength and status of the Australian economy.”

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