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Abhishek Bachchan in Brisbane with Chayan Sarkar, organiser of  Indian International Film Festival of Queensland 2015 (IIFFOQ )

By Manju Mittal


Abhishek Bachchan is a leading Bollywood actor and producer. He has starred in many block busters during his 15-year career in Indian film Industry. From ”˜Refugee’ to ”˜Happy New Year’ he has captivated many a heart.

His father Amitabh Bachchan is a godfather of Indian Cinema; his mother Jaya Bachchan is a highly acclaimed actress and member of the Indian parliament, and his wife, a former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a leading Bollywood actress, an International icon and a star.

Abhishek belongs to a family infused with creative genes but he stands apart. No one can forget his performance in the movie ”˜Sarkar’. Abhishek Bachchan was in Brisbane on July 9, invited to inaugurate the Indian International Film Festival of Queensland 2015 (IIFFOQ ).

At the opening ceremony of the festival at New Farm Cinema, Abhishek Bachchan arrived in a white limousine wearing a black suit and looking dashing as ever. When Abhishek stepped into the doorway leading out to the hall the crowd surged around him. His presence electrified the hall as he shook hands, gave autographs and joined in for selfies.

One of the sweetest moments of the evening was Abhishek having conversation with three-year-old girl Nistha Roy who was sitting there with her parents. Perhaps, he was missing his own little Aradhaya. People enjoyed the cocktails before moving to the theatre for the opening film. Abhishek was gracious to agree when I approached him for an interview.

TIDU: The Indian community extends a warm welcome to you in Australia. Is this your first trip to Australia? How do you feel being part of the Indian International Film Festival of Queensland leading as a Jury?


Abhishek: I have got a very emotional bond for Queensland. This is not my first trip to Australia. I am very excited to bring Indian cinema in Australia. I feel privileged and truly honoured to be part of this amazing festival and representing the third generation of Bachchans in this wonderful land of Queensland. This is the first film festival I have been asked to be on Jury and I hope I really do justice.


TIDU: Could you tell us a bit about your upcoming film ”˜All is well’?


Abhishek: ”˜All is well’ is my next release. It’s scheduled to release on August 21 worldwide. It’s a sweet intimate family film. When Umesh Shukla sent me the script I felt that there was a very strong message in the film and I was keen to work with him. This movie has got it all – moral, values and principles.


TIDU: You have achieved a lot in a short space of time. What is your next big achievement you are looking for?


Abhishek: Honestly speaking, standing in front of you today as a chairman of Jury of IIFFOQ is a huge achievement for me. It’s a matter of pride to me.


TIDU: Belonging to a family of stars, did acting come naturally to you?


Abhishek: Acting is a gift that is Godgiven, enhanced by training and polishing your art. It was something I always wanted to do. Growing up in a house full of actors it’s just the world I knew I was comfortable in.


TIDU: Abhishek, what is your secret of being so fit and good looking?


Abhishek: (laughs) I think it’s very important to lead a healthy life style. I like to exercise and I like to get outdoor and play sports. Eat healthy, get good rest and lead a healthy life.


TIDU: And a few last words to your film lovers in Australia?


Abhishek: The most important thing, thank you and we are what we are because of the audience. I don’t think I will ever able to pay them back. Thank you for the love and respect and keep watching my films.

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Writer with Abhishek



Since last year when I met the great AB (Amitabh Bachchan) at the Indian Film Festival Melbourne (IFFM),  It has been a dream journey for me: all the way to Cannes where I met Aishwarya Rai and little Aradhaya Bachchan, and now Abhishek Bachchan in Brisbane. It has been a heavenly pleasure to meet this exceptionally intelligent, good looking Bollywood family and talk and listen to them from up close. Only waiting for Jaya now to appear magically to complete the chapter.


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