Mukesh Ambani’s home worth $21.5 billion

Sydney house price are on fire as there is frenzied activity in the housing market making many local Indians, multi-millionaires in their own right who have invested in properties. For how long this housing bubble stays one cannot predict, it is interesting to note our own Ambani and Mittal homes, according to Forbes list of billionaire homes, are worth billions with Mukesh Ambani’s home in Mumbai topping the list.










Antilia, Mumbai, India

  • Owner:Mukesh Ambani, worth $21.5billion
  • Value:upward of $1 billion
  • The twenty-seven story, 400,000-square foot skyscraper residence, named after a mythical island in the Atlantic, has six underground levels of parking, three helicopter pads, a ”˜health’ level, and reportedly requires about 600 staff to run it. It is the world’s most expensive home far and away with construction costs topping $1 billion.

mittal - kensington-palace-gardens  







Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K.

  • Owner:Lakshmi Mittal, worth $16.5 billion
  • Purchase Price:117 million pounds ($222 million at the time) in 2008
  • The steel magnate is believed to own three homes on the high-security street known as Billionaires Row, including a neo-Georgian mansion near the Israeli embassy. The home (not pictured), rumored to have been purchased for Mittal’s son, was sold by hedge fund billionaire Noam Gottesman.


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