New support to deliver job-relevant training products



Expressions of interest are being invited from  organisations to operate as  skills service  organisations  as part of an overhaul of Australian qualifications.

Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham said that skills service  organisations  will play a crucial role in ensuring training delivers the competencies that jobs will require in the future.

“The Abbott Government is introducing a new model of training  product  development to ensure that  training standards are based on the skills needed for real jobs in the Australian workplace  of both today and tomorrow,” Senator Birmingham said.

“As employers of current and future workers, industry  is best placed to decide the skills levels needed in the workplace,  and when and how training packages are developed and updated.

“Skills service organisations will play an important, but supporting, role  by enabling  industry reference committees  to  adequately consult and decide on training product requirements for their relevant sector.”

From 1 January 2016,  skills service organisations  will  be  independent bodies  funded by the Australian Government to support  industry reference committees  to review and develop training  products  for the vocational education and training  (VET)  system.  New arrangements have been put in place to ensure a smooth transition from current Industry Skills Councils to  skills service organisations.

Senator Birmingham said  the  new Australian Industry and Skills Committee, chaired by  Mr  John Pollaers,  would schedule and commission  skills service organisations to undertake work  based  upon the advice of  industry reference committees.

“Widespread consultations about the way training products are currently developed and delivered supported the key role of industry leadership and raised concerns about training packages being changed ”˜for change’s sake’, rather than in response to industry priorities,”  Senator Birmingham  said.

“The Australian Government’s new model will ensure resources are allocated to develop and renew  training  products  based on  in-depth analysis  of Australia’s workforce skills  demands and industry needs.”

Mr  Pollaers  said an immediate priority for the Australian Industry and Skills Committee was to engage  with existing  industry reference committees and to establish working relationships with  the skills service organisations, once operating,  to ensure a smooth transition to the new arrangements.

“Industry representatives from all states and territories are members of the Committee and we will be working closely with industry leaders and workplace representatives across all sectors to  ensure Australian industry has access to a highly skilled workforce,” Mr  Pollaers  said.

Online  Expression of Interest  applications  can be  lodged from  27 July 2015 and will close on 24 August 2015.

The Department of Education and Training will conduct a number of information sessions for potential applicants.  Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to register and attend a session.


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