Scam warning: fake finance department offering money











The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is warning the public to hang up on scam callers offering money and seeking personal details. Acting Secretary Anthony Lean said scammers commonly targeted seniors and people living in regional communities.

“The department is aware of scam calls in the past week including one to a man in Tweed Heads who was offered a $6,300 payment,” he said.

“The man said the caller offered to send a cheque and then sought his personal details, including which bank he used. “The scammer said the man should call back an Angela Cooper on 02 8006 0501 and quote the reference number MP11.

“That phone number is answered by a so called Reclaims Department officer.” Mr Lean said this particular scam was not new and had captured many victims in the past, often the elderly and vulnerable.

“It is a pernicious practice,” he said. People should report scams to Scamwatch on 1300 795 995 or at

“No government finance department will cold call offering money and asking for your personal details,” Mr Lean said.

“Unsuspecting people may fall for scams when they think they are dealing with legitimate government agencies.

“The two stage technique used by scammers can unfortunately be quite convincing. “Scammers will try anything to take your money and identity, so if in doubt look up the contact number for any alleged government department and call them to see if you are in fact dealing with the real department.

“Don’t call any number a cold caller gives you as that will be answered by another scammer.

“Scammers rely on you not checking out their legitimacy. Never give out your bank details or address over the phone to cold callers.”

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