‘The Crow’s Egg on July 3 at Casula Powerhouse



For all those people who missed this Tamil movie ”˜The Crow’s Egg’ during June by the Sydney Film Festival can watch it on July 3, tomorrow on Friday at 7.30pm at Casula Powerhouse”¦let’s all go to”¦

Sydney Film Festival at Casula Powerhouse  
Having hosted two successful Travelling Film Festivals, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is delighted to host a monthly film program presented by Sydney Film Festival. Join us for one night each month to watch newly released films, all in the comfort of Casula Powerhouse’s theatre. Each film will be paired with a decadent meal prepared by the Bellbird Café. Save the dates and enjoy local and international cinematic masterpieces.

The Crow’s Egg |

Dubbed the next  Slumdog Millionaire, this funny and charming film from South India is a crowd-pleaser for young and old alike. Two mischievous and resourceful brothers live in poverty in a Chennai slum but find joy in each other and their family and friends. When the brothers see an advertisement for pizza, which coincides with the opening of a nearby pizza shop, they are determined to taste this magical food for the very first time. So begins a great adventure, with triumphs and setbacks, as the industrious brothers try to raise the cash to fund their wish. With delightful performances and a vibrant energy,  The Crow’s Egg  is both a simple fable and a poignant reflection on globalisation and aspiration.

Meat | Tandoori Chicken with Naan bread and rice
Vegetarian | Potato, Eggplant and Chickpea curry with Naan bread and rice
Both served with tomato and cucumber salad and raita

Suitable for ages 8 and up.  
This screening will be in Tamil with English subtitles.


Friday 3 July
6pm | Meal
7:30pm | Film:  The Crow’s Egg

Adult $15.00
Concession $13.00
Child (16 and under) $10.00

Dinner $17

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