Bobby ”“ the darling Deol

Bobby Deol loves reading newspapers rather than reading news online

By Neeru Saluja

Humko Sirf Tumse Pyaar Hai” was the song on every girl’s lips for him. He was tall, handsome, Punjabi and girls went crazy over his dreamy eyes, dimpled chin and wavy hair. His debut film Barsaat came out in 1995 and Bollywood was ready to welcome the next Deol ”“ Bobby Deol.

Actor Bobby Deol, the younger son of actor Dharmendra and brother of Sunny Deol is a part of Bollywood’s biggest filmi family. His debut film Barsaat was a big hit followed by films like Gupt, Kareeb, Soldier, Badal, Bichoo, Humraaz, Dillagi etc. But his career never flew high compared to his dad and brother.

Bobby is now back with a bang with a new look (sporting a beard) for his upcoming film and equally involved with the Deol production house Vijeta Films. In Sydney to present their latest film ”˜Ramta Jogi’ with actor Deep Sidhu and director Guddu Dhanoa, Bobby is excited about promoting this film in Australia.

We had a candid chat with him before he flew to Melbourne for promoting the film. He’s an actor who belonged to a traditional Punjabi filmi family, but was also a part of the new generation who wanted to do things different. He came across as a humble, shy yet cool actor who had no qualms in opening up about his career, family and the film industry.

Bobby, you were in Sydney more than 15 years ago for the shooting of Soldier. This is your second visit since then, but to present a film. Tell us a bit about your film ”˜Ramta Jogi’.

Ramta Jogi is a romantic Punjabi film. It’s more of an emotional love story with a bit of action, it’s actually the same formula story we use in this industry. It’s about how you treat a film as every story is a love story. This film will touch peoples’ hearts. We hope that everyone enjoys watching the film.

Girls swooned after they saw you in Barsaat ”“ you were the darling Deol for the masses in the 90s. How did you react to this sudden attention?

(Smiling and blushing) As I entered the film industry as Dharmendra’s son, everyone was excited to see me. Every new kid in a film (specially a star’s son) goes through this phase. The film did create a craze. I was excited and it was quite a fun. But on the other hand, I was not aware of how the audience was reacting, how my fans perceived me. In those days media was just growing. I didn’t know I was already in the public eye.

It’s been 20 years since Barsaat. How would you describe your journey since then?

I’ve gone through everything an actor goes through and have played quite interesting characters. Like every actor I have had my highs and lows. It’s a high when your film does well, and it’s a low when your film doesn’t do well! Then you start looking for great ideas. And you may get a chance to play a unique character.

You never came across as an actor who wanted to do lots of films and go up the ladder quickly..

I would call myself lucky enough to do only two films a year, which actually helps a lot. Nowadays all actors do only two films a year. It’s about quality not quantity. We can’t expect to do films like Hollywood. They can afford to make big films, we should not compare our films with their films. Though on the other hand, Indian cinema is changing and churning out good offbeat films.

Also, I grew up at a time when dad was always working in the film industry and I hardly saw him. I realised how I missed being away from my dad and I didn’t want to do the same to my kids. I prefer to do one film at a time.

Having your dad and elder brother as established actors in the film industry, was there a lot of pressure on you?

It’s not easy to live upto what your father has achieved, but by the end of it we all have our own style and you are recognised for that style. Despite having the support, you have to live upto the expectations of the audience. So the pressure is from both ends.

The Deol family is a very close knit family and shies away from media attention. How would you describe your family and the values were you brought up with?

We are a simple family and have always kept a low profile. If you ever come to my house you will feel the simplicity and honesty. My grandmum was a selfless woman who always wanted to give. My dad always taught us to be down to earth, humble and be ourselves. My mother is the strongest woman in my life. And my brother Sunny – he’s everything to me. He’s the best brother I can ever ask for. He’s a pal, an elder brother, a father figure. We are a very close knit family. We are emotional and shy. I’m a very family oriented person and love spending time with my boys.

You also have to tell us about your new look and your beard!

Haha ”“ the beard is for a new film I’m acting in. Unfortunately I can’t reveal much about the film or my character, but I can tell you it’s a different film from a first time director called Vivek Chauhan.

Are you aware of the fact that someone has a twitter parody account on you which is going viral?

I don’t know about it and I can’t control it. The new generation is brought up on computers. Every three year old knows how to use the computer while we learnt it at a very late age. Now it’s all about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s a good way to be in touch with audience but you know more than what you are finding about. It takes away your privacy. But we have to move with the society.

What’s next ”“ more acting, production or direction?

As an actor I have enjoyed every kind of character I have come across in my career. If I keep receiving good scripts, I’m upto a good role. Right now I’m involved with our business Vijeta Films and direction could be an option for the future. I’m happy with whatever I’m doing and would love to thank my fans for loving and supporting me always.


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