Shri Guruvandanji Swami takes Sydneysiders on a spiritual journey and showers expensive gifts

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By Manju Mittal

Shri Guruvandanji Swami is a living portrait of simplicity with depth, wisdom and devotion. He is one of the few living Satgurus in the world who have invoked all Chakra’s of their kundalini. Shri Guruvandan ji graduated from India’s highest ranked engineering college IIT Kharagpur with a B.Tech, PhD in Astrology and M.A in Sanskrit, Vedas and Jyotish. He has been honorary principal and professor at various academic institutions including the prestigious Banaras Hindu University. Gurudevji has travelled to over 170 countries to spread the message of awareness and service to humanity. He has participated in several International religious conferences including the ”˜All Religion World Conference’ where he has been honoured with ”˜The Best Personality’ gold medal a number of times. He has also received the ”˜Jyotish Murmagya’ awarded by German Astrological Society.

Shri Brahmrishi Ashram, founded by Guruvandan Swami in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is committed to helping people. Shri Guruvandan Swami attained his spiritual powers after forty five years of rigorous sadhana. He also has a deep understanding of Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. He was truly inspired by Swamy Vivekanand. Gurudev ji works tirelessly to spread the wisdom Vedanta through workshop, camp that inspires people across the globe.

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Sydneysiders were fortunate to be able to join his discourses for two days in the divine presence of an enlightened master and perfect Satguru Brahmrishi Shri Guruvandan ji Swami. His discourses were held at two venues Shri Rama Krishan temple Liverpool on Friday July 17 and Shri Venkateswara Temple Helensburgh on Saturday July 18, 2015. A large number of dedicated devotees thronged the temple venues to have darshan of a divine Guru. Gurudev ji looked splendid in his saffron orange coloured clothes. Well known MC young Divya Dhingra welcomed the devotees and kept everyone engaged throughout the afternoon gracefully. Guest of honour was Hon. Sharon Bird, Federal Member for Cunningham as she attended Gurudev’s discourse at Helensburgh temple and read message from the opposition leader Bill Shorten: “On behalf of the Federal Labor Party, I send my best wishes to the Vishwa Dharma Chetna Manch and all those attending the inaugural session of ”˜Journey of your soul’ at the Sri Venkateswara temple, the Labor party values the extraordinary contribution that diversity of cultures and faith makes to Australia and we also recognise the important role that interfaith dialogue plays in building bridges and fostering respect and tolerance. I strongly believe our rich multiculturalism has transformed Australia into a vibrant and prosperous nation and we have communities such as yours to thank for this transformation”. Our local talented singer Vinod Kumar Rajput sang devotional bhajans during the discourse in his versatile voice.

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I was impressed with Guruji’s lucid discourses full of wonderful insights into life and devotees responded instantly to his wisdom and his aura enthused with positivity. I was following his mantra and chanted it faithfully and with utmost concentration. At the end of the discourse people queued to touch Gurudev’s feet. Not wanting to miss out the experience, I also knelt down to touch his feet when suddenly I observed an interesting phenomenon as he waved his hand and magically brought forth a diamond pendant, and handed it to a devotee. He produced precious stones several times giving them to people in the crowd with devotees watching in total awe.

While the spiritual message Guruji conveyed through his discourse was quite insightful, he spoke about tolerance and service to humanity, his magic tricks by conjuring  objects from thin air, was a bit unbelievable. I have my doubts and find it inexplicable how how he did this  as he went  showering  his blessings and offered some lucky ones with expensive gifts to a select few in the crowd. I could see that people’s attention had switched away from the message of spirituality, clambering to get lavish gifts
, and then comparing with each other what they all got. It felt as if people had come out of a trance to seek material possessions, with several outstretched hands. Many were left disappointed for not having received Guruji’s rich divine prashad.

There is plenty we have here, many of us came to his discourses for enlightenment and finding peace, yet some went back unhappy as my thoughts went to the millions of poor in India. Surely Guruji’s siddhis could help the needy over there.

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