Hindi Diwas 2015 Hindi Poetry Talent Hunt


On the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2015, Indian Literary and  Art Society of Australia (ILASA) Inc. and Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan are holding Hindi Poetry Talent Hunt for youth on September 17. The program is supported by The Consulate General of India Sydney and Yuva Australia.

September 14th, is celebrated as Hindi Day because on this day, the Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in Devnagari script as the official language of the Union in 1949. Hindi Diwas is celebrated for a day to a fortnight by the Government organizations in India and Hindi lovers overseas.

”˜We have been organizing Kavi Sammalans, but we decided to devote Hindi Diwas to youth this time. It is important to remind our youngsters to keep our languages and literature alive and pass it on. We are inviting young South Asian budding poets aged 18-30 to participate in this contest and showcase their talent. This is the first time Hindi Diwas for youth is being organized in NSW Parliament. We invite international students and migrant youth to come and attend this Kavita Pratiyogita’ says the event coordinator Rekha Rajvanshi.

Young poets and poetry lovers are encouraged to register their interest in 2 categories.


  1. Budding Poets-Read your own poem

First prize- $250, Second prize- $150, Third Prize- $100

  1. Poetry Recitation- Read out loud a Hindi poem of your choice

First Prize-$150, Second Prize-$100, Third Prize- $50


  1. Maximum of 20 entrants (10 in each category)
  2. Enter your name to one of the organizers before hand.
  3. Random draw for performance order.
  4. Poem must be the original work of the performer in category 1.
  5. In category 2- pick a poem of your choice and read.
  6. ABSOLUTE four-minute limit. Time starts at your first word or when the timekeeper feels the performance has begun.

Points will be deducted from the final score for exceeding the time limit ”” one point for every 30 seconds over time.

  1. Five Hindi scholars & poets will be the judges and the decision of the judges is final.
  2. In the case of a tie the MC will conduct a “slam off” tie-breaker performance contestants must be prepare to recite a second poem to allow for this eventuality (the poem will be provided by the organizers).

Date:          Thursday, 17 September 2015

Venue:         NSW Parliament House

Timings:      2.00 to 4.00pm

To register please call:

Rekha Rajvanshi: 0403 116 301, Gambhir Watts: 0413 880 881

Hindi lovers of Sydney are invited to attend. RSVP is important for the catering purposes.

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