Kalaa 4 Charity raises $12,000 for Beyondblue

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Sydney, NSW, October 26, 2015”“ Kalaa 4 Charity delivered its second fundraising stage show ”˜A Journey Beyond Boundaries’ with grand success. The audience of more than 500 were taken on a cultural journey across the Indian subcontinent by the team of over 100 performers and volunteers. The production delivered a strong message of community harmony showcasing that ”˜we are the same people after all’.

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After working day and night for 6 months, they have raised in excess of $12,000 for beyondblue, a charity which supports people suffering with mental illness such as depression or anxiety.



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In their final speech, Kalaa 4 Charity’s executive team (Sid, Rishabh, Amrita and Aanchal) thanked everyone who performed, volunteered, supported or attended the show. They also announced that next year they will be back with an even bigger and a better show.

The team also raised awareness about mental illness through weekly Facebook posts titled #wednesdayblues as well as various fundraisers and public appearances. The Kalaa 4 Charity team wants everyone to know that it is ok if someone is suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illness and that there is help available. They wanted to break the stigma and taboo about mental illness in our community.

Kalaa 4 Charity received applause and compliments from everyone who came to the show. Every spectator, performer and volunteer was thrilled with the quality, professionalism and fluency of the whole event.


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