NSW hospital patients rate their care highly


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Health Minister Jillian Skinner said survey results released today show NSW public hospital patients are overwhelmingly positive about the health care they receive.

The two  latest Bureau of Health Information (BHI) reports –  Snapshot Report: Adult Admitted Patient Survey Results 2014  and  Patient Perspectives: Hospital care for people with cancer  – detail patients’ feelings about the NSW health system.

Both reports are based on results from the Adult Admitted Patient Survey, the largest survey of its kind in NSW, which looked at the experiences of over 27,000 patients.

Mrs Skinner said she is proud of the high-quality care the state’s hospitals deliver, which is reflected in patients’ feelings about the care they received.

“The  Snapshot Report  found 93 per cent of patients feel the care they received in NSW hospitals was positive,” Mrs Skinner said.

“Ninety six per cent of patients said their hospital care helped them and 76 per cent of patients would speak highly of their hospital experience.

“This patient feedback helps us see where hospitals are succeeding and where they can improve, particularly in communicating medication side effects more effectively and offering assistance within a more reasonable timeframe.”

The  Patient Perspectives  report, developed in conjunction with the Cancer Institute NSW, is the first time a survey has looked at patients with cancer in NSW.

Mrs Skinner said the reflections of almost 6,500 patients with cancer would inform efforts to improve their care.

“Cancer is the leading cause of disease in Australia  so it’s important we tailor health care to meet the needs of cancer patients,” Mrs Skinner said.

“Cancer treatment can be a highly emotional journey, with a range of side-effects and complex care all impacting on a patient’s experience.

“Overall, the report found people with cancer were more positive than all admitted patients on most questions, but particularly for those relating to access to health services.”


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