Request by India Club to light Opera House on this Diwali

Opera House Diwali


India Club Inc. is again asking NSW government to light Opera House on Diwali which falls on November 12 this year. Let us all support this generous and proud moment which celebrates our favourite festival and helps us spread the message of goodwill to all by lighting an important Australian icon on an auspicious day such as Diwali !


The Hon. Mr. John Ajaka, MLC

Minister for Ageing, Minister for Disability Services, and Minister for Multiculturalism

Parliament House Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Illumination of the Opera House again this year celebrating Diwali 2015


India club earnestly initiated and intensely campaigned to illuminate the Sydney Opera House to celebrate and widely spread the Diwali theme of joy, prosperity and Happiness. The Sydney community was delighted and India Club members took pride in the Premier granting this wish last year in 2014 and the Parliament recognizing the noble initiative.


Our elated Premier Mr Mike Baird delightedly lit the Diya candles as sails of the Sydney opera house radiated in tricolour. The illumination continued till midnight, recognising the grandeur of the Diwali festivity, conveying and strengthening the message of multiculturalism, community unity and harmony in NSW and bringing worldwide praise to the Govt. of NSW. The Premier also announced in his address that the Opera House would be illuminated again next year on Diwali Festival.


The Premier hosted the ceremony at the Hickson Road Reserve with a few selected invitees. India Club members cheered and celebrated the event with the wider community at the forecourt of the Opera House with lively dancing and sweets distribution. People loved the lively display of cultural diversity generating togetherness friendship and goodwill.


We are reminding that this year the Diwali is on 11th November and believe the illumination will be on the 10th November evening. We sincerely suggest to host the official ceremony at the forecourts of the Opera House, to make much bigger popular impact by sharing the celebration with wider Indian, Australian and many other culturally diverse communities.


Whilst NSW Government also gives recognition to Diwali with a separate function held in the NSW Parliament, it is strongly felt that the continuation of the illumination of the Opera House for Diwali, welcoming wider communities participation, will greatly enhance image of the NSW Government and supplements its initiatives as,

– It will be widely praised in India and abroad fostering Premier’s first ever “India Strategy” boosting NSW, its attractions, investment expertise and capabilities, thus benefiting NSW economic growth.

– India is one of this State’s huge tourism, trade and business investment markets.


This productive approach of inviting all people of NSW to celebrate experiences of happiness, friendship and harmony, promotes “MULTICULTURAL NSW and communicates its message – ENGAGE ENABLE ENRICH”, as well as showers delight with the iconic Opera House projecting radiance.


We look forward to your confirmation.


Most Sincerely,


Shubha Kumar Dr Aksheya Kumar


President, India Club Inc. JP, Chairman: India Club Inc.


Ph: 0402 257 588 ~ 98731207 Coordinator: Indian Community Forum and IC & ICF Programs



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