Happy Diwali wishes from Premier Mike Baird!

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Premier Mike Baird has sent this message to the readers of The Indian Down Under:

“It is my pleasure to wish readers of The Indian Down Under all the very best as you celebrate Diwali.

It is a testament to our multicultural society that this ancient Hindu festival of lights is now celebrated right across the country.

Diwali is an important time of the year for Hindus and symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

The Indian community has always been forthcoming in welcoming community participation in festivals such as Diwali, and leads by example in its promotion of cultural acceptance and understanding.

I wish everyone a Happy Diwali.”

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Premier Baird has also officially announced the following to everyone’s delight:

“Sydney Opera House will be lit up in golden orange for Diwali  2015.

The lighting will take place on Thursday 12 November at 8pm until midnight.”

Do plan your evening and come to the Sydney CBD to see the Opera House light up in golden orange on the occasion of Diwali.

Come and join in the festive spirit with family and friends and enjoy Diwali in the city CBD and witness the famous icon of Australia light up in the colours of Diwali!

Deepavali opera house s

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