Incorporated associations register now open to all


They are typically community based not- for -profit organisations that run our sports clubs, arts, crafts, ethnic and cultural groups, musical societies, childcare services and environmental clubs.

Incorporated associations, invariably run by dedicated volunteers, are the backbone of many communities across the state and there are now more than 36,000 such entities registered in NSW.

Since the introduction of the Incorporated Associations Act in 2009, associations have had a simple, low-cost means of becoming legal entities.   NSW Fair Trading maintains a register of information for each and every association, dating back to 1970s.

A free online register is now available on the Fair Trading website.

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said the online register will provide everyone with key information on incorporated associations, including an entity’s incorporation name and number, date of incorporation and registration status.

“Previously, members of the public and interested parties such as law firms and banks seeking information regarding associations in their community had to pay a search fee,” Mr Stowe said.

“This free online register will cut red tape and speed up search requests while also being a valuable resource to groups seeking to form an association.

“Such groups will be able to check if a proposed name is already registered by another association before applying for reservation of a name. This will save them time and reduce the possibility of their chosen name being rejected.”

To obtain copies of specific documents or an official extract of the register, customers will still need to pay the fee and lodge a request with Fair Trading.

The Incorporated Associations online register can be accessed at:

For more information on incorporated associations go to   NSW Fair Trading website at call 13 32 20

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