TAFEs trusted where dodgy private training organisations fail



The Australian Education Union Victorian Branch today said TAFEs should be properly funded to deliver the skills Victoria needs after Minister for Training and Skills the Hon Steve Herbert admitted ”˜profiteering, rorting and mounting debt’ plagues the Victorian training sector.

“No amount of government regulation will fix the fact that the current system incentivises private providers to rort the training system,” said Meredith Peace, President of the AEU Victorian branch.

“The Government must immediately block funds going to private providers that are cutting corners and failing students.

“It is heartening that Minister Herbert acknowledges the extent of the problem.   Now we need action.   To build a stable, high-quality training sector, 70 percent of VET funding must go into re-invigorating our public TAFEs.

“Giving private training entities uncapped funding has proven a gross misdirection of public funds. Minister Herbert must put a stop to it immediately.

“We eagerly await the final report of Victoria’s VET Funding Review.   We urgently need to redirect public funding toward public TAFEs who can deliver consistent, high quality education and training.

“TAFE enrolments fell 18 percent over the last year, and completion rates are down, as expected after such chronic defunding.     Victoria’s TAFEs had $1.2 billion of cuts under the Ballieu/Napthine Government.

“Skills shortages have not been addressed by private providers.   Our capacity to meet future education and skills needs relies on a strong TAFE sector.

“The Andrews Government must stop dodgy private training providers and redirect taxpayer funds to our public TAFEs.

“Despite the massive handover of public funds to private profit-driven training providers, we have seen a rapid deterioration in the quality of training across the board.   Students are paying exorbitant fees and racking up high debts only to complete their training and discover they are either not job-ready or jobs are non-existent.

“The Government must guarantee 70 percent of government vocational education and training funds to public TAFE providers,” said Ms Peace.

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