A proud moment for seven HSC students














By Neena Badhwar

Achieving Higher School Certificate is an important milestone in anyone’s life. It is a passport to a life and a career decision that is extremely important and decides the pathway one wants to take. Young people work hard for it for an intensive two years of HSC. They are supported by all the people including family members, teachers, fellow students and friends as well as tutors also the school in this arduous journey.

Today, on 15th of December, HSC ”˜First in State’ ceremony was organized to recognise 116 toppers at the Australian Technology park in Bay 4.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said, “Although a duck swimming in a pond may look all nice and peaceful yet there’s a lot of paddling going on underneath the surface. This is exactly how the HSC is for all of you.”

“Completion of HSC opens up the world as top universities come down here to interview our top students. Not that we do not have good universities here but our high achievers are sought after by the top universities from all over. “

Mr Piccoli said securing first place in an HSC course was an outstanding achievement that students should be incredibly proud of.










Rishikesan Maran (Top in Maths Extension 2) with Education Minister Adrian Piccoli

“There are more than 70,000 HSC students across NSW this year and topping a course is an exceptional accomplishment,” Mr Piccoli said.

“For some, the HSC is a stepping-stone to university or TAFE. Other students will take a gap year or enter the workforce straight away.

“It’s important for students to remember that completing the HSC is an achievement in itself and there are a range of pathways into your preferred university course or career.”



Jasmine Kumar,  Rishikesan Maran and  Sruthi Sabu with family at the ceremony  

This year seven students from the Indian sub-continent topped the state ”“ Mala Rigby, a Pymble Ladies College student topped in Agriculture; Jasmine Kumar of Good Samaritan Catholic College topped in Business Services Examination; Sruthi Sabu of Strathfield Girls High School topped in English as a Second Langauge; Simran Pun topped in Hindi Continuers. Simran is from a Saturday School of Languages Liverpool Girls High School Centre. Leela Urvashi Sagar of All saints College topped in Hospitality Examination. Rishikesan Maran of North Sydney Boys High topped in Maths Extension 2. And young Parunithan Ranganathan, a year 10 student   attempted Tamil Continuers having studied under an outside tutor.

They came with their families for the ceremony with some parents accepting the award on behalf of their children who were away on a much deserved break overseas. Now the wait is on for the final results and also the ATAR rank in the next two days so that the  students  can decide their options.

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