Mintu enthrals Sydney seniors with a Punjabi style entertainment to celebrate Christmas

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By Neena Badhwar

Pupinder Mintu is Sydney’s great asset, an artist who came to Sydney from Perth when he was a young man. A handsome Punjabi boy with his dazzling smile won everyone’s heart. He had recently released ”˜Australian Jugni’ having written the words himself, a counterpart of the famous Punjabi Jugni. Mintu made his Jugni visit Melbourne, Sydney as the song describes her various antics.

Mintu from a very young age became a true disciple of the great ghazal singer Jagjit Singh. True to his maestro Mintu inherited the precious harmonium from the king and touched his feet always whenever Jagjit Singh came on a tour down under.

Before Jassi’s song ”˜Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di’, Mintu’s heart was sold to Daamini, a pretty Gujarati girl from New Zealand. Daamini would call him lovingly ”˜Mintuji’ as the couple settled down in Sydney, to all our benefit, of course.

And now Mintu is the heart throb of Sydney. He makes many Sydney events quite entertaining with his wide repertoire of songs that range from Punjabi folk, disco, ghazals, light classical and filmi, old as well as new. He can even make the most hesitant come up and dance. He has that gift of the gab having inherited the art and the skill being a true disciple of his guru. Mintu has sung for Govinda in his movie ”˜Beti Number 1’.


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On the 14th of December Sri Om Care’s senior group was entertained in a close casual mehfil by Mintu. Songs ranged from old filmi to some new ones, ghazals, folk, Punjabi tappas. The occasion was end of the year party which celebrated Christmas. Mintu was in mood and so was the audience which was thoroughly receptive. It turned into an interactive session as Mintu involved everyone yet carried the audience through old times and new and even randomly fulfilled all requests that came from the floor.

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At the end of an intense one hour session Mintu had created a joyous atmosphere for all when all ended up dancing to his tunes. There was no accompaniment, no sound, just Mintu with a simple mike. He remembered his mum and dad who left for heavenly abode last year and paid his tribute by giving seniors a very special musical gathering. He surely had won them all!

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