Modi is a coward and a psychopath tweets Kejriwal

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By Vijay Badhwar

The Delhi battle is getting uglier by the day. The raid by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and alleged sealing of CM Kejriwal’s office on 15 December morning is an unprecedented act of disrespect shown to a democratically elected office not only in India but anywhere in the democratic world. This was apparently carried out to investigate some old (2002) corruption allegations against the Chief Minister’s principal secretary, Rajender Kumar, unrelated to his present position.

While the undignified remarks calling the nation’s PM a coward and a psychopath is a sign of Kejriwal’s political immaturity (and that should be no surprise as it had led to his last government’s fall), one would have expected better leadership from the Prime Minister who, earlier, had been a state’s chief minister for three long terms. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal called it an attack on the democratic structure of the country.

Not to take a state’s chief minister into confidence to investigate one of his officers is indeed mind boggling. The state Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is absolutely right in his assertion that the government should have been told what files they wanted which they would have happily provided. If you cannot trust a chief minister who else you can put your faith in.

The BJP Government at the Centre is playing a confrontational politics especially in states with non-BJP governments. Otherwise why would not the CBI, which comes directly under the PM’s command, investigate Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan or Shivraj Chauhan in Madhya Pradesh or the Akali Government of Badal and Co. in Punjab. If they have set this trend to raid a CM’s office, they should follow it up in UP, Bihar (especially in respect to Lalu Yadav family) and in Tamil Nadu.

This is petty politics humiliating political opponents, rarely successful as for as the national interests are concerned. The Opposition parties are also to blame to hold the Government to ransom to stall court proceedings against their leaders in the National Herald case, a matter completely unrelated to government business in the houses of parliament. As utter anarchy in parliament prevails, the only loser is the public, our leaders should take note.

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