Parliament passes citizenship law



4.12.2015. The Parliament last night passed the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015 which updates and modernises a long standing provision of Australian law to reflect the new age of terrorism.

The legislation will strip Australian citizenship from dual citizens who are involved in terrorist conduct overseas or convicted of a terrorism offence in Australia.

It will also ensure terrorists who are dual nationals are prevented from returning to Australia and dual nationals who engage in terrorism within Australia can be removed where possible.

The changes to the existing legislation were necessary to reflect the current threat that Australia and the rest of the world faces.

Australia’s current threat level is now at ”˜probable’ ”“ meaning that there is credible intelligence assessed by our security agencies that indicates individuals or groups have developed both the intent and capability to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia.
Dual nationals who engage in terrorism are betraying their allegiance to this country and do not deserve to be Australian citizens.
The Governments highest priority has been and will always be keeping Australians and the community safe and secure.

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