The framework for Hindi curriculum released by ACARA









16 December 2015

Following endorsement by the Education Council last week, ACARA has released further language curricula as a part of the Australian Curriculum: Languages. The Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages, and Hindi and Turkish curricula have now been published on the  Australian Curriculum website.

Hindi and Turkish were identified as languages the respective communities  wanted to see included in the Australian Curriculum.

Funded by the Australian Government, the Hindi and Turkish language curricula have been developed to recognise Australia’s relationships with both India and Turkey, our important trade links, and the significant number of Australians originating from these countries.

Professor Nihal S. Agar, AM, President of the Hindu Council of Australia, says:

“It is with great pleasure that I support ACARA’s release of the Hindi language as part of the Australian Curriculum. I am sure the benefits will be seen in the Indian community and beyond.”

His Excellency Mr Reha Keskintepe, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Australia, says:

“Language, culture and ethnicity are inherently interlinked. Children can connect best with different cultures, their family, history, identity and religion through language. With 150,000 Australians of Turkish origin, we acknowledge ACARA’s valuable efforts to include the Turkish language in the Australian national curriculum.”
Whilst these languages curricula are now available, the implementation of endorsed curriculum is a matter for state and territory school and curriculum authorities ”“ they decide when and how the Australian Curriculum is implemented in their state or territory, depending on local contexts.

Further language curricula in development by ACARA are: AUSLAN, classical Greek and Latin (funded by the Australian Government).

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