University of Newcastle staff and students campaign against Broadspectrum  

No Business in Abuse and GetUp have today said University of Newcastle staff, students and their unions are leading the way for scores of local campaigns calling on public institutions not to engage with with Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield Services) and other companies associated with the abuse of vulnerable people.

No Business in Abuse and GetUp supporters have launched over 60 local campaigns in recent weeks calling on their local councils to commit to ensuring that they do not do business with Broadspectrum and Wilson’s Security, corporations complicit in human rights abuses occurring in Australia’s offshore detention camps.

Shen Narayanasamy, the Executive Director of No Business in Abuse and Human Rights Director at Getup said it was pleasing that the campaign had developed scores of local branches that could carry the fight to local institutions.

“The campaign is developing into a grassroots community movement taking on councils and other institutions across Australia.

“These companies need to understand that all their customers and potential customers will be the target of this grassroots campaign calling on individuals, companies and institutions to refuse to do business with those who callously profit from the abuse of vulnerable people.

“The campaign at the University of Newcastle is an example of an effective local campaign.

“Today, over 1,000 students, academics and University staff deliver an open letter to the Vice-Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen calling on their institution to end its relationship with Broadspectrum. This campaign is a powerful example of what can be achieved at a local level when people come together to stand up and call for the end of abuse.

“We have now seen over 60 individual local campaigns targeting councils and local government areas across Australia.

“People are frankly so opposed to offshore detention camps and the widespread and systematic abuse of human rights occurring within them, that they want to build local campaigns focused on ensuring their local councils,universities, schools and hospitals don’t associate with the companies profiting from this abuse.

“There should be no profit in abuse of vulnerable people who just want safety. It’s heartening to see how many Australians, from so many areas, are joining this campaign to target their local councils.

“We will be moving on to target schools, hospitals, universities and other institutions associated with these companies, or with open tenders in coming weeks”, said Ms Narayanasamy.

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