Why you should read aloud to your children and pick their favourite book ?


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A Gist from a book by Dr S. Ryan – By Rekha Bhattacharjee


As parents know all too well, children love to re-read their favorite books over and over again

Children benefit greatly from re-reading as they learn the rhyming or predictable pattern of the text ”“ rather than spending that time trying to understand what the book’s about.

When preschool children are frequently read to, their brain areas supporting comprehension and mental imagery are highly engaged. And it’s never too early to start reading aloud to your children

1. Improves fluency

Fluency when reading is essential in order to build strong and confident readers. But it can frequently be misinterpreted as relating only to reading speed alone.

  1. 2. Expands vocabulary knowledge

It makes sense that the more words that children know when reading independently, the more they’ll enjoy what they’re reading. While vocabulary lessons are taught in schools, parents can also assist in helping their children learn new words at home by reading favourite books aloud.

3. Helps comprehension

Successful reading is all about making sense of what we’re reading.

As adults, if we don’t quite understand something that we’ve just read, the first thing that we tend to do is to go back and reread. This is a vital skill that we need to encourage in our children to help them become self sufficient readers.

Reading aloud provides the means by which to clearly take about what is happening in the book and to practice this rereading skill.

4. Involves family members

Fathers and other significant males in a child’s life play a vital role in encouraging their children to be active readers at home.

While mothers do tend to spend more time with their children and often take on reading as a part of this experience, clear benefits have been found when dads, uncles, grandfathers and male friends read with children.

5. Brings the fun back into reading

As any avid reader knows there are few things better in life than curling up with a favourite book and not wanting to put it down


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