Jaggu da – Bindaas ”˜Bhidu’ of Bollywood

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By Manju Mittal

Two months ago the bindaas bhidu of Bollywood Jackie Shroff ( popularly known as Jaggu) addressed a press conference at 46th International Film Festival of India Goa, to speak about his association with MIFF ( Mumbai International Film Festival ).  I had a busy schedule in Goa that day as I rushed to reach the press conference venue.

The noisy press room suddenly had a pin drop silence when the Bollywood legend Jackie Shroff arrived, dressed in white kurta and blue Modi jacket. He looked as handsome as ever. During the Q & A session he addressed everyone as ”˜Bhidu’, proved to be a humble, down to earth person as compared to his larger than life screen persona. I also became his ”˜bhidu’ when I put a question and later got a personal one on one sitting with Jackie Shroff, a hero that I have cherished since when he starred in his first movie ”˜Hero’ during my college days:

How do you look your journey from ”˜Hero’ to ”˜Yadeein” ?

The journey’s been like climbing  a mountain. Personally speaking I never planned my career, my life, my dreams were something else ( Laughs ). “Bhidu main Hero kaise ban gaya mujhe khud nahi pata”. I entered in films with ”˜Swami dada’. At that time I thought there were so many good looking actors like Anil Kapoor, Suny Deol and Sanjay Dutt so I thought I definitely want to play the villain roles. It was Subhash Ghai who signed me up for his movie in 1983 ”˜Hero’ and that film completely changed my life. I had come to Bollywood industry to be a villain and became a Hero.

How do you feel being chosen as the brand ambassador of Mumbai International Film Festival this year?

I don’t know the reason why they have selected me as their brand ambassador but I only know that it is a prestigious privilege to be a part of this great festival. I am humbled really. I personally love watching documentaries, which showcase the realities of life as opposed to movies which are mostly unrealistic. MIFF is a platform where many such good movies are showcased.

You want to make a documentary film on your mother”¦ is it true?

Yes, it is true, I have always been fascinated by my late mother’s stories when I was a child and I have been thinking about making a documentary on it for a long time. I was grown up listening to my mother’s stories about how she and her siblings along with their grand mother came from central Asia to the Island city of Mumbai. I have fond memories of her but I want my children’s children to remember their great grand mother as well.

You have spent three decades in film Industry and your look hasn’t changed still handsome as ever, share your secrets of being so good looking?

( Laughs ) Thank you that’s the nicest thing I have heard today. Well, my audience have kept me young and I am proud father of a  very handsome son, Tiger.

And a few last words to your fans in Australia?

Thank you for watching my films that I have been in. I am happy that even today my fans have kept me in their hearts. Love you all keep watching my films.

I must confess, I have had a huge crush on Jackie Shroff  from his ”˜hero’ days. To meet him finally in person was a deep desire of mine that was fulfilled when he addressed me as ”˜bhidu’ – a dude that day. It was then  when all the boundaries, the star, the fan, the persona all melted into one and it became an informal meet with him that I will further cherish for a long time to come.


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