Sri Om Care seniors celebrate 26th January ”“ India’s Republic Day and Australia Day

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By Neena Badhwar

Sri Om Care Foundations’ Senior Group meeting on Monday the 25th of January, 2016 celebrated a joint celebration of India’s Republic day and Australia Day.

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Seniors were asked to say something on the day which is quite an emotional nostalgic ride for some on India’s independence as well as it being declared a republic in 1950. Every one, especially the seniors, who have been an eye witness to India’s freedom struggle and it achieving finally its independence as well as it declaring itself a republic, the members have many emotionally charged experiences that they relate. Mr. B. Sharma spoke about Indian constitution that it was the most democratic, the most advanced constitution in the world which gives women equal rights and also secular freedom to practice religion and that people of India can live peacefully alongside each other regardless of race, colour or caste.

India was declared a republic in 1950 while Australia is not yet a republic but slowly progressing towards republic status.

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Abhilasha is one very happy and proud member who sang ”˜Hai preet jahan ki reet sada’ while Sharada Sharma sang beautifully the patriotic number ”˜Ai mere watan ke logo tum khoob laga lo naara, ye shubh din hai hum sab ka lehra lo tiranga pyara’.


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Other members related some interesting anecdotes and the importance of 26th January day which is shared by both ”“ India and Australia.

Sri Om Care seniors will be taking a trip to Bahai Temple and the beach next Monday, 1st of February from 9 am to 3pm where they will travel to this outing by a coach. The program is that they will be playing dholak and singing along some entertaining Punjabi songs.

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Today’s program had yoga by Jagdish Chaudhry, morning tea served with sweets and nice bhajiyas made by Pinki and at 1pm all were served light lunch which was enjoyed by all. Shweta Sharma and Mehdi of Om Care are always there and serve the seniors smilingly.

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