Radha Mitchell is Grace under pressure in Looking for Grace










Looking For Grace is Radha Mitchell’s new movie released in cinemas in Australia on January 26, 2016.

Radha plays the character Grace, a mother to a young teenage girl who goes missing in rural Western Australia. The quest brings up not only the search for the girl but also many hidden  issues between Grace and her husband Dan played by Richard Roxburgh.

If you are wondering if Radha has any Indian roots. None though Radha’s full name is Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell. The name may sound too Indian as she was brought up in a hippie household. Born in Melbourne, Radha’s mother is a model turned designer, and her father a filmmaker.

Rdha’s had a spiritually inclined upbringing, drawing from Hindu  culture by her parents. Her first name, Radha, is of Hindu origin and is the name of the soulmate to Lord Krishna.  The other parts of her name coming from an Indian  origin are रानी  Rani  (“Queen”) and आनन्द  Ananda  (“Bliss”). She attended the private Michael’s Grammar School   and graduated in 1992. Radha remembers going o India when her mum went on fabric-buying trips there and says that her parents think of her life as quite conservative as compared to theirs.

Radha has worked with likes of Denzel Washington (Man on Fire) and Colin Farrell (Phone Booth).  Acting must involve lots of challenges for the actress. She recently did a 10-day silent retreat in California she says in an interview, “You spend so much of your time talking and when you’re not doing that you have a lot of time to reflect. Day Five was like a tragedy! And then by the end you realise a lot of what comes out of your mouth is just blabber.”

Radha’s says her mum has this album where she has photos of all the actors Radha has worked with. “Mum is more excited about meeting them and  having photographs taken with them  whenever she has visited me  on the sets,”  Radha says.

Looking For Grace is directed by Sue Brooke, an Australian film maker (Japanese Story, Road to Nhill) who has also written the story of the film.

The film tells the story of suburban parents Dan and Denise (played by Richard Roxburgh and Radha Mitchell) who are struggling to come to terms with the disappearance of their daughter, Grace (Odessa Young) who flees the family’s Perth home for the Eastern seaboard.

Dan and Denise enlist the help of an elderly detective (Terry Norris) in an effort to bring Grace home however as they retrace her steps, secrets begin to emerge that will redefine each character’s relationship with one another and the family as a whole.

Looking for Grace is a sad family story with multiple layers and twists and fine acting by Radha and Richard Roxburgh as a confused and an upset father. Is it because he has lost a daughter or it is something else that nags him.

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