Rajeev Khandelwal ”“ ”˜India is where my heart is’

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By Neeru Saluja

He’s the heartthrob of Indian television and is now hitting headlines internationally. Actor Rajeev Khandelwal plays the lead role in the Indo-Aus production ”˜Salt Bridge’ which has been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination for it’s songs.

Though many know Rajeev for his roles in the television series  Kahin to Hoga,  Reporters  and  Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat  and his debut in the film  ”˜Aamir, he is also a successful TV anchor, has dabbled in modelling and started his career by making documentaries and writing their scripts.  The multi-faceted Rajeev is also the brand ambassador for National Geographic’s show  Supercars.

The Indian Down Under has been following him closely since he started shooting last year for the film in Canberra. Though we couldn’t catch hold of him during the two month intensive shoot, Rajeev kindly gave us some time to talk about his film.

Rajeev, congrats on creating headlines with your film Salt Bridge. Tell us a bit about your role and experience while shooting the film.

I had a wonderful time while shooting for Salt bridge. The main reason that the crew was wonderful. Aussie technicians were a delight to work with. Whether it was the make-up artist, the director, photographer or the light men, everyone was so committed that we actually used to look out for each other. Also, we shot mostly in Canberra which is such a beautiful city that it refreshes you.

Coming from the mad Mumbai, how did you find the experience of working in a quiet town like Canberra?  

Canberra is quiet but very beautiful. For someone coming from Mumbai which is a bustling city, Canberra was just the opposite. I love running, cycling etc and Canberra is the ultimate city for fitness enthusiasts. So I couldn’t have asked for a better city.

You have proved your versatility as an actor through your films and television. What do you offer to your fans with Salt Bridge as an actor?

Salt bridge is an experimental film for me. An opportunity where I could work with actors and technicians from Australia. I don’t know what I offer to the audience but I hope they like what Abhijit, the producer and director has created.

You are referred as India’s hottest TV star and have a few crazy fan stories! Share with us the craziest story.  

I don’t like sharing any story of a particular fan. It just belittles their love. I am glad that I am given a place in many hearts and it means a lot to me.

You have mentioned that you don’t like award functions after your bad experience with your first film Aamir. Now that the songs of Salt bridge have been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination, has your perception changed?

No. I live in India and everyone here knows about these award shows. It is no more a secret. I don’t dislike award shows. It’s great entertainment for film lovers.

Do you think Salt Bridge will bridge the gap between Bollywood and Hollywood for you?  

I don’t know. But I am not striving to bridge the gap even. These outings are exciting but India is where the heart lies.

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