Avantika Tomar’s play makes it to the finals in Wildcards at Short+Sweet theatre festival

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Expecting to win: Avantika Tomar with  Gaurav Jindal

Director and actor Avantika Tomar and  fellow actor  Gaurav Jindal have made it to the Wild Card’s finals with their short play at Short+Sweet Theatre Festival being held in Sydney currently.

The play written by Brandon Crose , ”˜The Formative Years’, is a tongue in cheek dialogue between expectant parents played by Avantika and Gaurav who talk about yet to come to this world their baby as they plan which school for him/her to go to. Which music, whether a nanny or which sport he/she should take as the ambitious couple discuss as  the story unfolds that has a twist in the end.

Beautifully crafted the play brought a lot of laughter, funny dialogues and wit and humour as the Synopsis of the play suggests: What kind of parent would you be? What would you want your children to grow up to become? Would your child share your ideas of right and wrong, failure and success?  Join this young couple as they plan for their first child – maybe you’ll find a part of you in them. Or maybe your parents?

Avantika Tomar is a NIDA trained actor who works for Westpac yet has all the time for the theatre in her life. She is a newly arrived migrant who has now worked in 11 full length plays and also working in a movie as well.

Gaurav Jindal has been acting for the last 12 years or so and started his acting career as the donkey in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Since then, he has always liked being on stage. In the past 5 years, he has acted in 2 large productions and directed one play in India. This is his first acting experience in Short & Sweet in Australia.

The play will be in the finals in the Wild Card category and will be staged along with other finalists in the weekend of March 5 & 6 at The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville. You can book tickets for the play at:  www.shortandsweet.org/Sydney-tickets  or call  02 8283 8830

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