Baby Asha’s campaign #LetThemStay goes global

baby asha

Asylum seeker one-year old Baby Asha was flown to Lady Cliento children hospital for the treatment of burns sustained at Nauru detention centre last Saturday. But on hearing that she would be deported back to Nauru hundreds of protesters turned up at the hospital to protest against the immigration authorities.

Doctors at the hospital have stood firm on their refusal to discharge one-year old Asha. As night fell, Queensland Health tweeted that Asha would remain in the hospital “overnight at least” with the government giving lawyers representing Asha and her family an undertaking that they would not be removed to Nauru without 72 hours’ notice.

As the #LetThemStay campaign gets global coverage with a Brisbane Hospital openly defying the Federal Government and refusing to discharge Baby Asha to detention, Daniel Webb, Director of Legal Advocacy representing Baby Asha and her family, says, “We tried to speak with our client by phone today. Access was refused,”

“When we called, we were advised by a Serco guard that they have been directed by Border Force to prohibit all access today. At this time we can’t contact our client – Asha’s mother Abhaya  and she can’t contact us.”

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