Benny Dayal talks to TIDU about his music journey

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By Manju Mittal

Benny Dayal, the Indian playback singer, came to Sydney, with his gifted powerful voice that has transcended the barriers of caste, creed, language and nationality. Owner of Friends India Entertaainment, Vvikas Paul and his team must be thanked for presenting Benny to us Sydneysiders.

Benny Dayal’s charm and energetic vocal chords have enthralled his fans of all ages throughout the world.  Benny is an amazing and a consummate performer. His energetic numbers have rocked desi parties around the world. Indian parties in Sydney are  complete unless you play Benny’s ”˜Pappu can’t dance saala’ or ”˜Badtameez dil’.

Benny proved to be quite charming, accommodating and agreeing to an interview just before the concert backstage. Dressed in a black outfit and glasses, he looked,to put it simply, dazzling.

Here Benny shares his musical journey in Bollywood:

Welcome to Aussie land Benny, This may be your first trip to Australia. How does it feel to perform in Sydney?

No this is my second trip to Australia. I am just enjoying the experience of my solo concert in Australia. I had a great show in Brisbane last evening and I have flown down with friends from Brisbane to Sydney. I was very pleased with the very warm response from the audience and I am looking forward to perform tonight.

Hailing from the South, how do you view your musical journey?

Yes it’s been difficult journey but difficult things makes better situation. I started experimenting Hindi songs as my Hindi was not good. I think the pursuit of happiness is important for any artist, so the way you pursue your career and how you attain it, and how that makes you happy because it was solely your effort, is what matters.

Tell us about your favourite track and which song has been the most challenging for you?

My favourite and toughest song has been ”˜Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi’ from movie Ghajini. It was a challenging and a great experience because Aamir Khan, AR Rahman Sir were sitting in the studio when we recorded the song. I must say I can never forget that experience and this song is very close to my heart.

Benny you have sung in many different languages, as a playback singer what numbers do you enjoy, energetic pop ones or romantic?

I have had a lot of energetic songs as well as soft and romantic numbers. I try to maintain a balance. My forthcoming songs are also a mixed bunch.

Music director and musician Pritam concert is coming to Sydney next month and you are performing with him. How does that feel?

I feel great. It’s an absolute honour to perform with Pritam da. I am looking forward to be performing live again in Australia. Pritam da is very chilled out when we are working together. He always has the fun element and I have been very fortunate that he has thought of me.

You were in Journalism before. Would you follow it alongside music?

( Laughs ) Well, music will always take my first priority and remain my main focus, but if I can write about music, I would definitely like to do that.

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Benny Dayal proved to be a real good singer on the night of his concert on February 20 with Sydney crowd still in Valentine mood and we look forward to him performing again in Sydney with Pritam on March 12. Lucky are we to have such great present day singers come on our shores to entertain and talk to us exclusively.













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