India rules on the field and in the stands

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The Indians on January 31st in Sydney for the  Third  T 20 match were on cloud nine after the amazing last ball chase for the victory by the Indian  team. The place ebbed with excitement as Indian flags were furled by the cricket fans in a night that has become the most  memorable as families, couples, friends, groups like the Swamy Army cheered for India.


By Vijay Badhwar

The third T20 at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on January 31 was being played but as a backdrop to Tricolours fluttering all around, grandstands covered in Indian blues, the level of noise such that one could not make a conversation, and the arena drowned in slogans: ”˜Jitega bhai jitega…’

There was occasional silence when Shane Watson hit massive sixes and a muted resignation when he completed a century.

There was challenge in the task set by Australia for India to score 198 runs to win, the highest total reached in the series. It came within easy reach with Dhawan and Sharma once again giving a brisk start. But when Yuvraj came at the crease after the fall of Dhawan and Kohli, it became line ball as India needed 17 runs off the last over and two from the last ball. It was a hair-raising win finally for India when Suresh Raina  sent the important ball to the fence.

It was a thrilling win for India, a 3-0 whitewash in the T20 series.


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