Karishma directs the play ”˜Ben and Ahmed’ at Short & Sweet Wildcards in Week 7

Karishma Mathur-Director 'Ben and Ahmed'









Karshma Mathur, director of ‘Ben and Ahmed’


‘Ben and Ahmed’ is a play that has made it to the wildcards at the Short & Sweet 2016 Theatre Festival. It will be performed in Week 7, Wildcard, Saturday, 20th February, 2016 at 2.30pm and Sunday, 21st February, 2016 at 1pm

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Ben, an Anglo middle-class kid growing up in inner Australian suburbia. Then one day Ahmed and his family move across the road and things will never be the same again ”“ for either of them. The problem is in the name really. How much stock do you take in first impressions?

This play deals with elements of racism, something which its character Ahmed has experienced in the school yard, but has not let it affect him.

Ben and Ahmed is directed by Karishma Mathur, a high school Drama (and English) teacher and actor. She has a double degree from University of New South Wales in Bachelor of Arts (Major: English and Theatre) and Bachelor of Education. Karishma has also participated in extensive workshops from National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), Institute of Advance Acting and Behavioural Studies (Mumbai), and Stella Adler (Los Angeles) to name a few. Karishma has also been an acting coach for children for a number of films, including Oonga, which has screened in many film festivals, including the Indian Film Festival Melbourne.

Ahmed is played by Mohammad Abboud and this is his first time acting and that too in the ”˜Short and Sweet’ Festival. Mohammad’s interests are in sports (and now acting). Throughout the year he actively participates in sports such as soccer and running. While he does not necessarily compete in running, he is an avid soccer player who enjoys playing the sport. Mohammad is a follower of Manchester United and his favourite player is Wayne Rooney. His favourite colour is red. Mohammad also enjoys video games and competes with other people around the world. He also enjoys autobiographies about famous people and recently completed the Wayne Rooney autobiography.

11-year old Josiah plays Ben. He has a strong passion for drama, both theatre & film.   Josiah has been in four stage productions including ”˜Aladdin’s fractured fairy tales’, ”˜Beauty & the beast’, ”˜More Fractured fairy tales’ & played the lead as Charlie Bucket in ”˜Charlie & the chocolate factory’.   He has also been featured in two short films including ”˜Memories of Michael’ & horror film ”˜Lights Out’.   Josiah loves to act, create his own Youtube blogs & dance to a range of genres including hip hop, tap, jazz, acrobatics & musical theatre.   Josiah is thrilled to be performing at the acclaimed ”˜Short & Sweet’ festival.

Ben and Ahmed has been written by Shae Riches, an emerging playwright, director and actor. He has recently graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary and Applied Theatre. Shae is passionate about creating works that connect modern audiences with history and show how our society is both informed and informs said history. He is currently interested in exploring the synergy between writing and directing. His recent works include: John Smith (Festival of Australian Student Theatre ”“ 2014-2015), The Truth About Mum And Dad (Short and Sweet Gala Final 2015), Yellow Sphere (2High Festival – 2014), Ship of Fools (2014), Alexander (Anywhere Theatre Festival ”“ 2103).

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