Dhoom Machale singer Aditi has Sydney connections

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By Manju Mittal

It was nice to catch up with the  talented, young and the most popular singer of  our Film Industry Aditi Singh Sharma who was in Sydney for Pritam Concert recently. A Delhi based girl Aditi has spent many years living abroadwhen she finally moved to Mumbai to pursue her passion for singing and a career in Bollywood.

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Aditi is well known for  her songs ”˜Dhoom Machale’, ”˜Choomantar’, ”˜Heroine’, ”˜Suraj dooba hai’, ”˜Raabta’ with Pritam. She made her playback singing debut for Amit Trivedi in Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D. By now Aditi  has lent her voice to a number of Bollywood actresses and is creating dhoom on stage in India and abroad. Sydney recently witnessed her performance and lapped up to Aditi’s unusual    yet powerful voice.

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First of all, Congratulations on a brilliant performance in Pritam Concert in Sydney, how did you feel?

Thanks, I was feeling amazing that night. I was very excited. Well, it was not my first time in Australia. This is my fourth visit to Sydney. Last time I had come here in 2010 with Mohit Chauhan and we did Australia & New Zealand and this time again we have done Australia and NZ but it has been very hectic this time because it was back to back. The Sydney audience were warm and encouraging and completely surprised in their intensity and response to my performance.

I enjoyed performing with Pritam and the entire team. Working with Pritam has been a great learning experience for me. I get so much inspired by him. I had so much fun while working with other singers chat sessions, jokes, stories and exchange ideas we make a great team.

Aditi Share your Bollywood journey with us.

When I started my singing journey in film Industry I faced every difficulty one can think of, I used to run behind music directors but I made my own connection and my first opportunity came when I was hosting the Jack Daniels Rock Awards 2007 in Delhi and I met Ehsaan and they called me to Mumbai to sing for High School Musical 2. Soon after I played a gig in Mumbai which Amit Trivedi attended and got to me to sing my first playback song in Dev.D .From then on I kept getting offers.

How was your experience working with Amit Trivedi?

My first song with Amit got me my first award too ( Mirchi Music ) after that I got two amazing songs to sing with him. I feel so special when a music director calls you back to sing something else than his regular style. I am a true admirer of his work and very special to be a part of his team.

Your singing has bit of a Western flavour in it, how did you pick up that style and your thoughts about music today?

I just picked up the style while listening to all sorts of music. My Bollywood projects aside I have sung Hello Andheron for the Hollywood film ”˜The Avengers’, alongside an Indian rock band Agnee. Our desi songs give Hollywood films a foothold in the Indian movie market. I consider myself lucky that I became a part of a Hollywood project that became a hit worldwide. Well about music today it’s amazing to see the music reach this stage where the sound is changing rapidly and so many new things are happening. Our listeners are ready to accept anything new as well.

What is your most cherished song till date?

Honestly, I love them all, I have been very fortunate to have recorded super slamming songs with all the famous musicians in the music industry. All my songs were well received by music lovers and all my songs are close to my heart.

Besides singing what do you do for yourself to unwind?

I love cooking and spending time with my family and friends.

Aditi as you are a frequent visitor to Australia, tell us what you like about Australia?

Yes, I have a very strong connection in Australia. My mother lived in Sydney for 4 years in 80’s  before I was born. My mom’s best friend lives in Sydney, and is like a mother to me. I love Sydney so much In  fact, I celebrated my 16th birthday in Sydney. I have fond memories of my time spent here with close friends. Australia is a unique beautiful country, I love everything about it culture, climate, beaches.

And to all the audience I had a blast performing in Australia and can’t wait to come back again.

Aditi’s Sydney connections make us proud of this girl who has made it big in Bollywood and that brilliant performance of hers on March 12 proved it. Always welcome back Aditi!




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